Chicago cardinal extends invite to Fr. Martin amid cancellations

He will speak March 22 and 23

Archbishop Blase J. Cupich (CNS photo/Karen Callaway, Catholic New World)

After a series of speaking appearances were canceled in recent weeks, Jesuit Fr. James Martin received a fresh offer Friday from Cardinal Blase Cupich to address his Chicago archdiocese over two nights during the coming Lenten season.

The Windy City invite caps a turbulent week where Martin defended himself — as did two bishops and multiple Catholic commentators — against far-right Catholic groups that launched online campaigns seeking the best-selling author’s removal from talks due to disapproval with his recent book on LGBT Catholics. Those efforts most notably resulted in a withdrawn invitation from Theological College at the Catholic University of America for Martin to address its upcoming alumni gathering. 

Early Friday evening, the Chicago archdiocese tweeted, and Cupich retweeted, that Martin would offer Lenten reflections at Holy Name Cathedral the evenings of March 22 and 23. 

“I’m grateful that Cardinal Cupich has invited me to speak in the Archdiocese of Chicago. He is an open, thoughtful and compassionate bishop, and has long been a friend of the Jesuits,” Martin, editor at large of America magazine, told NCR. “I look forward to speaking with the people in Chicago about Jesus, the one who is at the center of my life and at the heart of all of my ministries.”

Full story at National Catholic Reporter.



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  1. Why are you sharing from the National Catholic Reporter? That is not a valid Catholic source.

    • Anon … If it isn’t I’d certainly argue that “The Church Militant” and it’s ilk isn’t either.

      • C&H why say that, unlike NCR CM accept ALL of the Church’s teaching. You do no like the fact that they exist and they are exposing the corruption that is in the Church.

      • Your argument would be wrong C&H. Unlike NCR CM accepts ALL of the teachings of the Church, You just don’t like CM because they are calling out the filth and corruption that has seeped into the Church in mores ways than one. NCR like most liberals want Catholicism on their terms not Christ’s, they spout tolerance but not Truth, diversity but not Holiness. I guess according to you Traditional Catholics are not Catholics but those opposed to Catholic teaching are, this only makes sense in the parallel universe of the Left.

    • NCR is a liberal, lying rag…. and not remotely Catholic!!!

  2. There is only one reason why the Bishop invited him. ” birds of a flock fly together “. If it walks like a duck and quack likes a duck, it aint a chicken.

    • Yes! I saw them flying together: Cardinal Spellman of New York, Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, Bishop McGrath of San Jose, Bishop McElroy of Los Angeles; the Founder of the Legionnaires of Christ etc, Watch out for their droppings! I forgot Archbishop Quinn of San Francisco

    • CDC statistics indicate unsafe flocking.

  3. And so. The usual suspects.

    Ever wonder why vocations are plummeting since Cupich took over Chicago arch in Sep., 2014?

  4. Faithful and True says:

    If Orthodox Catholics stood together like this the world would converted.

  5. Chicago cardinal invitation to Fr. Martin invites Sodom and Gomorrah consequences.

  6. Jim C Grisafi says:

    There is unrest in the Church, an ideological growth that is infecting the message of the Gospels.
    Most of the laity are not supportive of this ideology.
    Prayer is needed to protect the Church from this infection.

  7. Just FYI everyone, Archbishop Chaput also supported Fr. Martin.

    • C & H, Archbishop Chaput spoke out against excessive trash talking about Fr. Martin, but he said according to CNA (Catholic News Association) the following: “The perceived ambiguities in some of Fr. Martin’s views on sexuality have created much of the apprehension and criticism surrounding his book. There’s nothing vindictive in respectfully but firmly challenging those inadequacies. Doing less would violate both justice and charity.”

    • C&H than Chaput is also wrong…

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    Oh My Goodness – “Far Right” opponents of the Radical Leftist / Gender Feminist / Homosex Ephebophile Hatreds and Perversions that have ruined so many lives and cost so much treasure, which could have been used for Good Works, instead of paying attorneys to uncover Predatory Ephebophile Filth that our ‘leaders’ have covered up.
    Sounds like a ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ – time to call in Hitlary of Rodham and the John Jay obfuscation team.
    BTW – I once offered to produce the same results as the John Jay studious avoidance of the Ephebophile Infiltration of the Priesthood (small number, huge harm), for a fraction of the cost; Just by asking who wanted to lose their jobs and become outcast for telling the Truth

  9. John Patrick says:

    The Cardinal is showing his disrespect for the Catholic truths taught by Christ.

  10. Father Martin is an educated and dedicated Jesuit who realizes inclusion is the answer to reaching out to the marginalized. If anyone who sees the dwindling numbers in our pews and doesn’t equate it with the exclusion of so many of our brethren is blind to the societal changes that are occurring. At least give him a chance to present his side of the issues. Thank you Cardinal Chaput.

    • Linda Maria says:

      Sorry– there is no such thing, as so-called “inclusion,” nor “marginalization,” with Jesus Christ! Christ loves and accepts EVERYONE!! He asks all to “come and follow Him”– all the way to Heaven!! But the way to Heaven is a big chalenge!! You cannot be a baby, who demands to have all your sins, destroying your spiritual life– nor can you ask God for a life in which everything goes smoothly and happily, to your taste!! No way!! You have to be mature, to follow Christ!! Give Him your all– in love and in faith– and He will give you– Heaven!! As for Archbishop Chaput– no, he does NOT support sin– he believes in a life of Christ-like Virtue– and also, to show His love, to others!!

  11. How long till McElroy invites him?

  12. St. Christopher says:

    Ahhh, Francis. You will be known by the company you keep. Sodomites galore, and not repentant ones either. You appoint the most vile of men, like Blase Cupich, to be princes of the Church. What do you expect, Catholic People? Children of Satan are attracted to each other; Hell is a comforting place to them (well, perhaps a place of comforting expectations).

    Things will only get worse. Remember that Francis thought that the Church was in pretty good shape when he became Pope. Much worse now.

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