Catholic cardinal alleges genocide – by U.S.

South Africa’s Napier looks at black babies killed by abortion
Cardinal Napier of South Africa

Cardinal Napier of South Africa

The following comes from a July 6 story on

Looking at the percentage of black babies killed by abortion in the United States each year, which is nearly 37%, in proportion to the overall black population of the United States, which is 13%, Catholic Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of South Africa said the numbers look “like a genocide,” in a tweet posted on July 1.

In three tweets (see below), Cardinal Napier refers to the Guttmacher Institute’s data on abortions. The Guttmacher Institute is a family planning group established in 1968.

In his first tweet on July 1, Cardinal Napier notes that Guttmacher estimates the number of abortions in the United States since 1973 as 57 million, and asks, “Isn’t this something we should be apologizing for?”

The Guttmacher fact sheet online claims there were 53 million legal abortions between 1973 and 2011. But Guttmacher notes that 1.06 million babies were killed in 2011 alone.   If 1 million babies were aborted each year — on average — since 2011, then it approximates the 57 million cited by the cardinal.

In his second tweet, Cardinal Napier says that of the 57 million babies aborted since 1973, “ +/- 31% have been black! Isn’t that something we should be apologizing for?”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and reported by, the latest data show that 148,971 black babies were killed by abortion in 2012 in the 26 states that reported their abortions by race or ethnicity. The total by race and ethnicity (in 26 states only) was 405,795 abortions.

Thus, the percentage of black babies killed by abortion out of the known total was 36.7% — 148,971 out of 405,795.  That’s pretty close to the cardinal’s number – and that’s only for the data available.  Not all states report their abortions to the CDC and not all states break down their abortions by race and ethnicity.

In his third tweet, Cardinal Napier states, “That figure starts looking like a genocide when one factors in that Black women make up only 13% of total number of women in USA.”  According to the Census Bureau, black women comprise approximately 13% of the U.S. population.

Overall, Cardinal Napier’s numbers are in line with official data.  Also, as has reported, using CDC and Guttmacher data, 55.4% of all aborted babies in the United States are black or Hispanic.




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  1. John Feeney says:

    Cardinal Napier, please come to America. We need men like you!

  2. It is like a genocide, but it is self-inflicted; the result of decades of leftism in the government and in the culture.

    No sincere and knowledgeable Catholic can in good conscience support the Left because the Left advocates, supports, perpetuates and indoctrinates grave evils in America. To support the Left is to support what is inimical to Catholicism and contrary to God’s will for humanity; no decent Catholic would ever do that.

  3. Of course it is a genocide the likes of which has never been seen in human history. The abortion of unborn baby children who are human beings at the moment of conception cries out to haven for the judgement of Almighty God. I urge everyone reading this site to pray continuous Rosaries to end this senseless and diabolical slaughter. Mother Mary Queen of Heaven pray for an end to this great evil. Imagine what the good Cardinal has stated that there have been 57 million abortions in America since 1973 when Roe versus Wade made abortion legal in this country. Even Roe in Roe versus Wade is now personally against abortion. Adoption is the only loving option!

  4. The 5 decades of genocide makes my blood boil. More American citizens killed from abortion than all of our wars put together. And there are those that think the Hitler and his Nazis, Stalin and his Communists, Mao Tsetung and his Communists were horrible murderers! Yes they were, but look at what our liberals and politicians have done in comparison. To think a black man in the White House has been the all-time biggest pusher of abortion since the Clintons has sponsored and paid for 8 million during his tenure with our hard-earned tax dollars! It won’t get any better when criminal Hillary Clinton is rigged into the White House, it will get worse! Oh God, please help us, Blessed Mother pray for us.

  5. John Patrick says:

    What the Cardinal has stated is absolutely true.

  6. Ann Malley says:

    God bless +Napier, but a huge portion of the blame for this racist genocide should be placed at the feet of the USCCB for their decades long endorsement of the DNC. (Gotta love that Catholic voting block.)

    The shepherds here have not been shepherding, but rather politicking and ravaging the flock as they go. Turning a blind eye to the convenience of the Left’s abortion brigade in order to usher in policies that will make speaking out against gross sexual perversion a hate crime.

    Time for some serious and “honest” introspection on the fullness of mea culpa. Like +Quinn’s involvement in the pedo-crisis. Time to own the dirt on all our hands.

    • david drewelow says:

      +Quinn was head of usccb from 1977-1980, so he double-dipped in the portion of blame.

      • Ann Malley says:

        Pretty convenient being the head of the USCCB, directing Catholics to increasingly relax the upholding of the actual gospel to make way for myriad “accommodations”.

        It’s disgusting. And personal experience is that there is no apology save that forced at the hand of a law suit.

        Time to have all clerics sign the Oath Against Modernism or another vehicle by which they will be called to renew their “vows” and so there can be no more confusion about what they do and or do not know.

        After all, if marriages can now be called into question because of a gross lack of understanding, we should carry it forward and defrock the lot of those who do not hold Catholic faith and morals.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Ann Malley you are no authority about either racism nor genocide. First on racism: The law applies equally. So unless you can make some argument that this law applies unequally to African Americans, there is no racism. Oh, unless you prevent non-abortion birth control to people who are African Aericans. Then the racist label applies to you.

      Secondly, on genocide. No one is forcing these women to seek abortions. Genocide is not, by definition, indepent actions taken by independent actors.

      So no, you can’t claim either racism or genocide. But carry on, because when you get down to both issues, the impugn you, not the Bishops.

      • Kristin says:

        Hey “YFC”, you sound like an apologist for Planned Parenthood and their ilk! They are the largest abortion provided in the United States, and their founder was the notorious racist/eugenicist Margaret Sanger. PP clinics are overwhelmingly located in minority communities and as just 12% of the American population, blacks abort at rates nearly 4 times that of whites!!

        Sounds like you have no mercy for “independent actions taken by independent actors”. Interesting to note that no one forces homosexuals to engage in behaviors that lead to HIV/AIDS, yet gay activists blame everyone but those directly involved in the lifestyle for the spread of disease.

        “YFC”, you have a problem with Catholic teachings on sexual morality, and it…

  7. It is quite the conundrum for young black women. The popular music and hook up culture perverts their self image. All of the videos that portray a raucous sexual queen in power over her own body do great harm especially when they include demeaning language. Where is the love song of black men who want wife and family life. When she become pregnant there is the stereotype of becoming an abortion queen or as President Obama concluded he did not want his daughter to be punished by an unplanned pregnancy. Feeling unwanted by society and desiring to be responsible they choose abortion.

  8. With Cardinal Napier and Sarah, maybe Africa will save us from the current state of leadership in the Catholic church which puts man above God and wants to change everything to accommodate our desires and feelings.

    • Fr. Richard, I believe you are right. Our bishops have too much blood on their hands to constitute an effective witness against the current holocaust. Because they have not withstood to a man the machinations of the democrats, including Obama and Hilary, they share in the their condemnation. It will have to be an outside influence, like Cardinals Napier and Sarah, to bring our feckless leadership to repentence.

  9. Pastor Walter Hoye in Oakland went to jail to save African American mothers’ souls and the lives of their children. This population is decreasing in the U.S. because of the killing.

    • St. Christopher says:

      Your are correct, Fr. Richard Perozich: Rev. Hoye is a man dedicated to living the Gospel. He believes it, he preaches it, and he takes the rejection of the world because of it. Contrast this hero’s behavior with, say, Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Wuerl, who aid and abet the scandal of giving communion to political people who publicly advocate for abortion and homosexual sexual freedom and marriage. And, where are these men, such as Abp. Cupich, among those manning the lines and praying outside abortion clinics? Not there. Too bad we don’t have Cardinals Napier or Sarah as our Pope.

  10. Tom despite what all the political pundits are saying Hillary Clinton will not make into the White House. Trump is the one destined to make it to the White House. Read the Book of Daniel in the Holy Bible and you will see that the last King of the South will be Donald Trump. Pray many Rosaries. Pray, Pray, Pray!

    • Sorry John, but Donald Trump’s name is not to be found in the book of Daniel. But your advice to pray is always very, very good.

  11. Dan of course Donald Trump’s name is not found in the Book of Daniel. I never said it was. According to the Book of Daniel the King of North will want to go to war against the King of the South. To appease the King of the North the King of the South quote in the Book of Daniel, “to ratify the agreement, the daughter of the King of the south will go to the king of the north.” I believe the south that scripture is talking about is America and that the king of the south is an American President. The outcome for the king of the south is catastrophic. I ask your great nation to turn to a great and merciful God. Repent and covert before it’s too late! Pray, Pray, Pray!

    • Anne T. says:

      John, there are some who say that Iran is the King of the South, and that would make more sense, but I do not think anyone really knows what is going to happen. It is all speculation.

    • Anne T. says:

      But we do need to show repentance for any sins we knowingly have and continually convert to the Lord by going to confession when needed and pray. None of us are promised tomorrow.

  12. My last sentence should read repent and convert! Pray, Pray, Pray!

  13. Gratias says:

    St. John Paul II was right to distinguish the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life. By comparison Papa Francisco´s disposable culture is anemic.

  14. FromThePew says:

    On this topic of Pro-Life & of brave souls, I praise the Lord for good Fr. Frank Pavone. He has dedicated his life to pro-life issues. Did you know, Holy Mass cards & memorial cards are available @ I use them for occasions of prayer & remembrance for family/friends because it is the best cause we can support. The cards are provided for free until you use them to request a mass. Since in good conscience we no longer support Papal or Diocese fundraisers, we use ‘other’ good causes to share our blessings. Thanks be to God for the good pastor that told us about Fr.Pavone & priest for life.

  15. Genocide? Hardly. Maybe suicide–group suicide. But there’s Napier, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, playing the race card, unable to resist taking a poke at the US a la Pope Francis.

    Napier would do well to tend his own flock in South Africa, the rape capital of the world, with soaring rates of murder, child rape, violence, HIV, and corruption, most particularly since his hero Mandela, the ANC, and the SA communist party took control. He might also look into the genocide of the Boer (white) farmers when he’s not going ape over Global Warming.

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