Catholic bishops love Jerry Brown



The following comes from a January 25 posting on the website of the California Catholic Conference.

In one of the most optimistic State of the State addresses in many years, Governor Jerry Brown touted California’s slow, but growing economic recovery while at the same time warning the Legislature to remain disciplined.

In a passionate, twenty minute speech the Governor highlighted his commitment to education, gave a brief history lesson of California – from the founding of the missions to the creation of Silicon Valley – and challenged lawmakers to embrace a strong vision for the future of the Golden State.

The sense of relief over the improving fiscal situation in the Golden State was almost palpable during the joint session of the Senate and Assembly on Thursday.  While congratulating legislators on their fiscal actions over the past few years, the Governor vowed not to return to the boom-and-bust cycle that has plagued the state.



“This means living within our means and not spending what we don’t have,” he said.  “Fiscal discipline is not the enemy of our good intentions but the basis for realizing them.  It is cruel to lead people on by expanding good programs, only to cut them back when the funding disappears.”

Once again, Governor Brown returned to what can almost be called his “theme” of recent months – the Catholic principle of subsidiarity.  He referenced the principle both in his discussion of education and in urging the legislature to cut back on the number of new laws they enact each year.

“Subsidiarity is offended when distant authorities prescribe in minute detail what is taught, how it is taught and how it is to be measured.  I would prefer to trust our teachers who are in the classroom each day, doing the real work – lighting fires in young minds,” he said.

He illustrated his point by allegory – comparing the succinctness of the Ten Commandments to the many volumes of the California Education Code.  (In other Biblical references, Governor Brown used the story of Joseph and Pharaoh to caution lawmakers on preparing for lean years during time of surpluses.)

He also highlighted his upcoming effort to reform education financing in the state, giving teachers, principals and local authorities more flexibility in using supplemental education funds.

The notion of subsidiarity is very evident in Catholic and other successful schools which – among other principles – encourage and promote the involvement of parents in all aspects of a child’s education.   (Next week is Catholic Schools Week, which celebrates the achievement of the Church’s long-standing educational ministry.)

He also restated his remarks on education from last week’s Budget press conference: “A child in a family making $20,000 a year or speaking a language different from English or living in a foster home requires more help. Equal treatment for children in unequal situations is not justice.”

Governor Brown devoted the largest portion of his speech to education but also spoke of health care, jobs, water, transportation, energy and climate change.

As part of his cautionary approach, the Governor emphasized the uncertain nature of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – calling for a special session of the legislature to implement the new Federal program.

Few are very clear on how much the PPACA will cost states and not all states are moving to expansion of Medicaid (Medi-Cal) as California is.  There is also the added complication for Catholic employers of the contraception mandate promulgated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Catholic health care ministries generally agree with the Governor’s cautionary tone that the broader expansion of Medi-Cal is a complex issue that will take considerable time and reflection.  It will be imperative to advocate for adequate payments for hospital services that preserve and protect the health care safety net.

“We join with the Governor in appreciation of the growing fiscal security of the state, his call for subsidiarity in many policies and his proposal to reform education funding” said Edward ‘Ned’ Dolejsi, Executive Director of the California Catholic Conference. “These all deserve thoughtful consideration and discussion.

“As with his proposed budget announced last week, however, we question the lack of acknowledgement for the poor and vulnerable of the state.  Some of the people who have paid the highest price during the downturn are those in need and the Governor has not yet addressed that issue.  We call on him and the legislature to do so,” Dolejsi said.

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  1. “living within your means” means that the govt will tell you what your means are and how to live within them. All totalitarians love such mindsets. But does God love the bishops?

    • Visit the site. Its a liberal propaganda machine. There is nothing about the faith on there.

      Septuagesima Sunday; Quadragesima Sunday; lent coming up, first Friday devotion, saint of the day? noo nooo… that is boring stuff, nobody cares about that stuff anymore, we have to think about the economy, school week, immigration, guns and balancing the budget, you know, more immediate stuff, like social teachings and the big one, called social justice. Going to heaven is for later, when you need last rites or something.

      • Lin Berry says:

        Mchicha, yes, “liberal propaganda machine” is a great description of the California Catholic Conference. Now and then it will mention a moral issue if it feels it has no recourse. With its buddy Cardinal Mahony canned, it’s time to dump the California Catholic Conference. That way we can sort out which bishops care about their important responsibilities in doctrine AND morals and which bishops care only about their social issues (Democrat Party) agenda. That each bishop is told what his responsibilities are and what to say by Ned Dolejsi is a great scandal and an enormous damage to our Faith and our State.

        • Anonymous says:

          abortion, marriage protection, religious freedom aren’t moral issues to you? fighting human trafficing , supporting Prop 8 and Doma aren’t moral issues to you? what are moral issues. And mchicha — no it’s not a prayer site. It is legislative action. And I believe that prayer does a lot more than lobbying. Diocese should promote the things you mentioned.

        • Someone once said, “The Church is Europe and Europe is the Church” (which to my sensitivities is a crock, but it serves a rhetorical purpose here); thus, it could be said in parallel, “The Church is the Democrat Party, and the Democrat Party is the Church”. This may or may not be a crock depending on the use of the word “Church”.

      • “The California Catholic Conference (CCC) is the official voice of the Catholic community …”: What does this mean, the “official” voice? Whatever happened to the Voice of God? Why has it been replaced by the “official voice”? The Voice of God is never wrong; yet obviously the “official voice” is not infrequently wrong. I say, throw this “official voice” in the dumpster and just listen to the Voice of God. If the bishops pool their voices, then by the rule of the lowest common denominator the “official voice” will not rise much from the sewers. The Voice of God comes from on high. I wonder why the CCC does not prefer inspiration from on high instead of from the dung hill.

  2. This is shameful for Catholic Bishops. This governor would under the right circumstances have all of them in the Gulag make no mistake.

    He may pretend to be Catholic, but there is nothing Catholic about him.

  3. Let me add something. Is that site really Catholic? Does it look like a Catholic Site to anyone?

    Really? Where is a single image of our Lord?

    • I just looked at the CCC website, and the first two thing that jumped out at me were the cross on the left, and the huge posting about being prolife.

      Then I noticed a second cross lower down, which, oddly enough, made me think of Jesus. The first cross appears on top of the dome, suggesting that God should be above all powers — even the supreme and lofty powers of our elected officials.

      What did YOU expect to see — the Infant of Prague dressed in his green finery for Ordinary Time?

    • If you want to know how to vote for a bill and keep within the teachings of the Church, vote OPPOSITE the recommendation of the California “Catholic” (?) Conference,

  4. Clinton R. says:

    Too many bishops care more about being the guests of honor at banquets and not nearly enough about the salvation of souls.

  5. Father Karl says:

    As Rush Limbough stated, “Who would vote against Santa Claus?” All the socialists are sugar daddies. They love to give things away, even though they never paid for the goodies themselves. Socialism is candy-coated communism. Unfortunately many clerics have joined the bandwagon and totally support marxist causes. Governor Brown always was a radical, and it is a shame that the bishops have allied themselves to him. It was his Jesuit education that made Jerry Brown a liberal, and it was the horrible seminary training that made these bishops marxist.

    • “It was his Jesuit education that made Jerry Brown a liberal”: but my way more liberal and radical education didn’t make me a liberal. I think they never learn to think for themselves and simply go along with what they are told to go along with. If you ever want to win a war, the Democrat’s step and fetch it – ism is not the way to do it.

  6. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Can we please ask more of our clergy without condemning them at every turn? I understand the anger, but it is more productive to state simply, to them directly, what we hope to see more of, and less of, in our bishops, priests and nuns. Let’s transform our anger into practical action, lest we be overtaken by negativity ourselves and become ever more vulnerable to Satan’s machinations of evil. Our unhappiness with certain bishops, priests and nuns is based on a wish for greater goodness on their part; let us look to the logs in our own eyes as we ask them to do the same.

  7. So, the Bishops “love” your Gov.. Where is this stated or implied? It seems that this is another false heading to get the Catholics upset, if that is possible. As for Brown talking about the 10 Commandments, this is a sad joke, much like dictator Obama going to “church” to fulfill his image of being a “christian” and to keep fooling himself that he is a nice guy that knows God. It is way past the time for the Bishops to use Canon 915 on these so-called “catholics” and to try to help them to save their souls. +JMJ+

  8. Here is a modern rendering of Luke 18:11-12 for all the righteous comments I see here:

    “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, ‘God, I thank you that I am not like the California Bishops, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even like this Democrat. I fast twice a week, I give tithes of all that I get.'”

    I hope you pray for for our bishops and elected officials as much as you complain about them.

  9. If I were a California bishop I would be on the line to Mr. Dolejsi right away asking why he made no mention of Brown’s notoriously pro abortion record in politics. I would then take pains to see that the scandal-giving assertion that the bishops love Brown be corrected. What moral compass is guiding the CCC that prompts them to habitually steer around the number one human rights issue of our day. That question is especially relevant in California where the culture of death is so strong you can almost feel it in the air.

    • Anton L. Seidl says:

      Brother Ron: Why do they steer around the number one human rights issue? They don’t want to deal with it. Dealing with it might ruffle some liberal donors’ feathers. So they just ignore it. They have ignored Humanae Vitae for decades. The results speak for themselves. I don’t how many are registered democrats, but they certainly espouse and support liberal causes and organizations. Read your diocesan paper. They don’t even try to conceal it any more.

  10. Father Karl says:

    I give this quote to the bishops who support Jerry Brown. It is from one of their own, the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen: “Fear ye not them that kill the body… but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. Calvary is wrapped up in these words of our Blessed Lord, for therein is revealed the supreme struggle of every life — the struggle to preserve our spiritual freedom. We cannot serve both God and Mammon; we cannot save our life both for time and for eternity; we cannot feast both here and hereafter; we cannot make the best of two worlds; either we will have the fast on earth and the feast in heaven, or we will have the feast here and the fast in eternity.” God love you!

  11. St. Christopher says:

    Catholic bishops must dis-engage from CA and national politics. Christ did not ever noodle with the Romans about increasing help to the poor, avoiding violence, being kind, and all of that. He taught to follow the commandments in our daily lives, and through what was becoming the Church. Certainly, bishops need to be vigilant against laws that require the Church to do evil things, such as provide abortion and contraception to its employees. But, by and large, bishops are far too involved with the political process: was Peter a constant supplicant to the Emperor, or to other Roman officials?

    Certainly comment on the sinful ways of mankind and of those in power; remember John the Baptist and his criticism of King Herod? Cost John his head, of course, but that is how Faith can work, for those that suppose to speak for God.

    Imagine if Cardinal Dolan, Bishops Soto, Bishop Blaire, and the like, all hit the media, naming names, calling out true sin and the likely “rewards” for such sin; what do you think would be the response?

    Members of the Church should not give them their money, or their time. Protest to the Vatican. Many many bishops demand money — with their demands dressed up in flowery language of helping the poor, etc. — but most of them are not doing their jobs. Stop giving them the resources to do this. Find true believers, and there are a growing number, including some that are not Catholic, and give them your resources. Then, tell the bishops about what you have done, copy to the Vatican. At the very least, do not simply exist within the confines of your geographic parish — search within the Church if possible, to find true expressions of faith, true shepherds.

    It is time for a revolution, to escape a Church leadership that sees someone like Jerry Brown as having any value, other than like that said of Mussolini (“The trains ran on time”) or Hitler (“He build nice roads”). If not, soon many pastors will be hosting abortionists in their churches, like Bishop Soto did recently.

    The Holy Ghost is not a captive of the bishops.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      You are absolutely correct. There is nowhere in tradition where Christ engaged in the politics of the day other than tell people to pay their taxes.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have faith, then no parish you attend will be devoid of faith.

  12. Life Lady says:

    Excuse me, but I didn’t see any quotes by any bishops favoring the remarks of the gov. I didn’t see one mentioned, either. The title is misleading when there is no mention of bishops who have approved of the governor’s remarks, or if they are not even mentioned. Discredit ought to go to the writer and the publisher of this article, because I don’t see any reason for criticizing any one of the bishops in CA if they are not quoted, or mentioned as supporting his ideas. Brown has turned the process of subsidiarity on its head in applying it this way. The very idea that he would mention that, and insist that it is applied in the manner that he mentioned, is false and misleading. I don’t see it, folks, so, please do not criticize our bishops if they are not even mentioned here. You might write to the governor and let him know that his application is false and misleading. I am going to do that, how about you all?

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I suppose you are right but I think that actions speak louder than words… Maybe the Bishops don’t say they love Jerry but maybe they just support him? Who knows. But actions pretty much can also spell out that someone likes or loves someone.

      The word love is strong… I would hope that they love Jesus above all! But from telling from what scandals come out and from the lukewarmness of the Catholicism we see in California, it sure doesn’t give a good impression does it?

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      You need to look closer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Life Lady, yes, the title was a wind-up.

  13. SUBSIDIARITY – CCC 1883, 1885,1894, 2209.

    COMMUTATIVE JUSTICE – “…without which no other form of justice is possible…” – CCC 2411.

    CCC: “2411 Contracts are subject to commutative justice which regulates exchanges between persons and between institutions in accordance with a strict respect for their rights.

    Commutative justice obliges strictly; it requires safeguarding property rights, paying debts, and fulfilling obligations freely contracted.
    Without commutative justice, no other form of justice is possible.

    One distinguishes commutative justice from legal justice which concerns what the citizen owes in fairness to the community, and from distributive justice which regulates what the community owes its citizens in proportion to their contributions and needs.”

    I agree with poster St. Christopher above that Bishops should NEVER get involved in politics when it involves the prudential judgement of the Laity.

    Far too often Bishops put forth their own political ideas without full knowledge of the total consequences. And they give the WRONG impression that they are putting forth “Catholic” teaching, even though their personal ideas certainly are not in the CCC.

    (For example: there is no Church teaching as put forth by Bishop Blaire and his USCCB Committee regarding gun regulation, or to spend money that the US or State governments do not have — even to help the poor.)

    Jesus taught it is our (individual) responsibility to help the poor.

    CCC: “2246 It is a part of the Church’s mission to pass moral judgments even in matters related to politics, whenever the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of man or the SALVATION of SOULS requires it.

    The means, the ONLY MEANS, she may use are those which are in accord with the GOSPEL and the welfare of ALL men according to the diversity of times and circumstances.” (caps are mine)

  14. OneoftheSheep says:

    Jerry Brown supports the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood and many anti-preborn child initiatives. Therefore, as the teachers in the state of California will learn in the coming years, no children equals no schools. What an outcry as the Sacramento City Unified School District seeks to close eleven elementary schools this year! But since our Katholik governor and our teacher unions all support the elimination of the preborn child, what can we expect?

    If the CA bishops are on the same wavelength as our pro abortion Governor, that is good to know so that we can not only pray for the error driven Jerry Brown but for the CA bishops for an orthodox approach to government in this state.

  15. Nothing means anything if the babies are not born, Governor Brown!!!!

  16. Juergensen says:

    Catholic bishops seem to love Obama too.

    Here is EWTN News Chief Raymond Arroyo in an interview he (reportedly) gave to Laura Ingraham after the 2008 election:

    “LAURA INGRAHAM: ‘Here is the problem, how many of the bishops voted for Obama?’

    RAYMOND ARROYO: ‘The bishops I spoke to say that maybe half of their brother bishops, if not more, voted for Obama.’”

    If Arroyo said that, and if it’s true, it’s alarming.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      No its not.

      When Henry VII turned aganist the Holy Mother Church, only 2 Bishops remained faithful to the Holy Catholic Church.

      They were promptly persecuted.

      Most Bishops rise to their position through earthly political maneuverings. How did you think Cardinal Mahony would have recomended a priest for the office of Bishop?
      Imagine the sort of priest he would recomend? Do you think it would be a man steeped in prayer and holiness?

      • Abeca Christian says:

        You both bring up excellent arguments, I also appreciate MKM’s point of view, it sure shed light of reality.

    • Anton L. Seidl says:

      Raymond Arroyo said that. I heard the Laura Ingraham interview and I believe him. Look aoround! Do you think San Jose Bishop McGrath ever voted for a conservative republican? How about Bishop Blair? He is probably to the left of Obama! Go on. Pick your own favorite bishop. If you find a conservative one, let me know.

  17. An icthyologist says:

    I cannot figure out why the bishops of the state would endorse this man as governor. Oh wait… I know why… most of the priests and bishops are liberal modernists… stands to reason they would find governor moonbeam so precious….

  18. Roberta Genini says:

    Dear Bishops,
    Please realize that you answer to a much higher power than Jerry Brown.

  19. “We join with the Governor in appreciation of the growing fiscal security of the state, his call for subsidiarity in many policies and his proposal to reform education funding”

    Edward ‘Ned’ Dolejsi, Executive Director of the California Catholic Conference should be fired from his post for being ignorant unless he is actually speaking the words of the CA Conf of Bishops… that would be a much larger problem.

  20. The most important aspect in my llife is that I am a Catholic; the second most important thing in my life is my family; the third one is being an American. In other words, GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY. For many of the California bishops it is the democratic party (communism, marxism) which is first, having power, wealth and influence is second, and way down towards the last is the Church, which hardly resembles the Catholic Church. Obviously their treasure is not God, and their actions prove it, and this fact cannot be denied. Ave Maria Purrissima!

  21. An icthyologist says:

    Jesusita… beautifully and cogently stated… my sentiments exactly…..

  22. Enough already with the Novus Ordo Church and its so called bishops, they have all chosen to follow Obama and his demonic ideas, they refuse to stand up and be unpopular and be true leaders of the Church. Vatican II turned the Church upside down and around and it will take decades to recover, in the mean time for my soul I will continue to attend the Traditional Latin Mass and all that it entails for my salvation.

    • Anton L. Seidl says:

      Janek: You are a man after my own heart! How right you are! I fear neither you nor I will live long enough to see our beloved Roman Catholic Mother Church restored. The devastation after V2 was profound. It will take a miracle. I see none on the horizon, alas!

  23. James Howard says:

    I’d like to see that jerk Jerry Moonbeam Brown PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED. And some of the Bishops too!

  24. annienonimouse says:

    Not unlike Communist China has the “state” Church and the “real” Church….. so it goes we have the Democrat Church and the real Church!

  25. What’s going on with the Catholic Church?
    California Catholic bishops love Jerry Brown.

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