Catholic Anthony Kennedy swing vote to kill Texas abortion safety law

Supreme Court votes 5-3 against law passed in wake of Kermit Gosnell scandal
Justice Kennedy

Justice Kennedy – attends pro-life parish when in San Diego

The following comes from a June 27 story on the site of the Catholic News Agency.

Editor: Kennedy was seen at Sunday Mass in July 2015 at the strongly pro-life parish, Our Lady of the Rosary in San Diego. Kennedy told one of the priests he comes this parish whenever he is in San Diego.

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down a 2013 Texas law regulating the safety of abortion clinics, saying in a 5-3 decision that it put an undue burden on a women’s right to an abortion.

The case had challenged two Texas regulations of abortion clinics: abortionists must have admitting privileges at a local hospital in case of a medical emergency at their clinic, and clinic buildings must meet the standards of ambulatory surgery centers. They must have proper sanitation, staffing, and medical experts on hand to deal with medical emergencies.

The law was passed in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell scandal. Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist, was convicted in May 2013 on three counts of first-degree murder for babies born alive who were killed at his clinic, and he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after a woman died from an anesthesia overdose at his clinic.

An almost 300-page grand jury report exposed his clinic’s horrific practices and conditions. Babies born alive had their spinal cords severed. Blood stains spotted the clinic, which also smelled of urine. Medical equipment was broken or used and reused without being cleaned. Dead babies lay in jars. Staff members lacked experience and expertise.

Texas’ regulations, proponents said, were in the interest of women’s safety and were meant to prevent another Gosnell case from happening. The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court upheld the Texas law in 2015 and allowed it to go into effect in most of the state. The case was then appealed to the Supreme Court, which agreed to hear it.

Pro-choice opponents have said the laws were not essential for medical safety, and that they were ultimately intended to shut clinics down. Over half the clinics in Texas closed after the law’s passage, the Texas Tribune has reported, although a definitive link between the laws and the closures has yet to be established.

 An NBC June 27 report gave further information:

Justice Stephen G. Breyer in writing the majority opinion said “neither of these provisions offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes. Each places a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a pre-viability abortion, each constitutes an undue burden on abortion access, and each violates the Federal Constitution.”

Breyer was joined in the majority by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Anthony M. Kennedy and Sonia Sotomayor. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Clarence Thomas dissented.





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  1. Millions of Catholics serve at the altar of Molech and the Church does nothing.

    • FromThePew says:

      A, The silence of the Catholic Church since 1973 is deafening. Only God knows why but I suspect it is because of government funding for the USCCB’s projects.
      Continued ……

      • FromThePew says:

        Cont.,… A, Sadly, have Bishops sold out thru the USCCB & it’s CRS work? I just read recently they proposed a budget to our government congress asking for $330 million for USAID & $5.67 billion (that’s BILLION) for PEPFAR. What on earth are they involved in to the tune of $5.67 BILLION (US tax payers $) for their projects? reported the funding sadly includes contraception/condoms, confirmed by USCCB. (Also look @ USCCB & PEPFAR 2016 or USCCB & USAID 2016 for articles). But what other ‘globalist’ projects are they planning to re-distribute all that money on? Anybody? Are they arms of the POTUS of death & potty rules? God help us!

        • FromThePew says:

          Continued……RE: USCCB & PEPFAR,,,,found out funding is for AIDS & HIV treatment & prevention (condoms) in mostly Africa. Aids & HIV must be at epidemic levels for the US to spend BILLIONS (of our $) there thru the USCCB charities.

      • Julia Schmidt says:


  2. The simple fact is that this man does not believe in the Church’s teaching on abortion but does not have the decency to stop forcing those who do from having to pay for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was he interpreting the Constitution rather than biblical teachings? Was he wrong to use the Constitution as a reference?

      • Anne T. says:

        The others found a different road, the road less taken, Anonymous, and that makes all the difference in the world.

  3. Wait until Hillary appoints the next 3 judges if TRUMP is not elected.

    • Tom in San Jose says:

      Speaking of Trump, where is he on this decision? Not a peep so far.

      • FromThePew says:

        But Hellary said, paraphrasing, it’s good to protect woman’s rights. She always supports her PP buddies VS a common sense change to actually protect the lives of women undergoing the unholy death surgery of their babies.

        • FromThePew says:

          Plus Mr Trump has already made many strong pro-life statements…..check out- Life site news. Common knowledge on LIFE sites he would be MUCH better on the issues of morality & religious freedoms & LIFE VS HELLary and her death march with PP & much of the Democrat party.

  4. Clinton R. says:

    The blood of the unborn children who will be killed because of this decision is on his hands. Millions and millions of children have been slaughtered for the ‘right to choose’ since the Court ruled abortion legal. This nation will indeed suffer God’s Wrath for our wickedness.

  5. Anne T. says:

    On the other hand, maybe someone has threatened his life if he does not make the “right” choice. Who knows. After all the senator who went to investigate the Jim Jones massacre was shot and killed and President Diem was assassinated by our own government, so who knows. Nevertheless, in the end it is we who must make our own choice as to whom we will serve — God or Satan — and it is assured that we all will die someday and face a higher judge. Justice Kennedy needs to think about that one very seriously..

    • Anne T. says:

      Actually, it was U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan who was murdered when he tried to investigate Jonestown, not a U.S. senator.

  6. FromThePew says:

    The Texas bill would have required basic access to emergency services at the PP facilities. Sad that Justice Sotomayor & Justice Kennedy, both ‘Catholics’, voted with the unholy pro-choice death culture, against standard regulations of the doctors performing abortion. A minimal requirement of safety for women undergoing PP’s extreme version of ‘woman’s health’ one would think. O my Jesus, forgive us……

  7. Linda Maria says:

    Justice Kennedy has never been a faithful Catholic– he should have been strongly warned to repent– and next, excommunicated, many long years ago!

  8. John Feeney says:

    How many dead babies will it take to satisfy Justice Anthony Kennedy’s blood lust?

    • Sotomeyor is also Catholic in name. Kagan, Ginsburg and Breyer are Jewish. I wonder if they get grief from the Jewish community.

      • This is how they will be remembered in history. Eternity, on the other hand, is FOREVER. We each choose where we want to go and the Church says little to remind the world of this. Darkness is everywhere, including the Church.

        • Anne T. says:

          Yes, abortion was illegal in the United States when Hitler took power. He was the one who legalized it, of course for others, not Nazis. It seems to me that Kagan, Ginsberg and Breyer have become what the United States and the Jewish people once hated. Oh well, just keep ripping those little bodies apart and burning them to death. Why not just get a whole crematorium to help do the dirty work. Oh, I forgot, they need the body parts to sell.

      • FromThePew says:

        Justice Kagan is said to be a ‘conservative Jew’ if WIKI is to be believed. Obviously NOT the same definition of ‘conservative’ Judaism one would expect.

  9. Don Guillermo says:

    It’s up to the laity now to preserve, by God’s grace, the One True Faith. Only the Mass, prayer, fasting, and the Rosary can avail. Saint Paul says that “thou shalt not speak evil of a ruler of thy people” (Acts, 23:5). But St. Paul also “opposed Peter to his face” (Galatians 2:11). What may we say and not say about our bishops, the “rulers” of our Church, I wonder.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Another case of his Bishop speaking to him and going through Canon 915 procedure…..and if after all is done….if he still is not in ‘line’ with the Church’s teaching……excommunication for his soul and for all the souls of the people he has a responsibility for…..especially the killing of the God’s little ones in the womb!!!!!!

  11. The ‘women’s safety’ advocates seem to cite one bad actor to justify their requirements. To me they forget the United States is NOT a theocracy.

    Rather than imposing rule after rule, I believe the pro-life supporters should work to adopt a constitutional amendment clearly overturning Roe v. Wade.

  12. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    I’m not quite sure what the alternative is. If a Catholic judge cannot both be a good judge and a good Catholic, maybe he should abstain from the vote or recuse himself? If in this case the Catholic judges had recused themselves, the result would have been the same, just a different number of judges. It’s a tough place to be in, and I’m not really sure that people who rail against him have any moral leg to stand on if they don’t do THEIR duty under the Constitution and under God, and work like mad to amend the Constitution. If you aren’t doing that, then you may not want to throw stones in his direction. Or pay taxes. Or live in the US.

    • Anne T. says:

      No one should be required to pay for the deaths of innocent babies in the womb. Killing Jews was legal under Hitler, too, but that did not make it right, and many used the same excuse for that that you are making now. Wake up! YFC If good men say nothing, evil prevails.

      A doctor’s job is to try to save both the mother and child. Period. Otherwise, no one is safe as we can see now. In some countries they have euthanized children who were depressed and wanted to die, instead of helping them with psychotherapy or medication. Wake up!

      • A Catholic executive, legislator, or jurist needs to allow the Holy Spirit to work through him or her in decision making according to the constitution which they swore to uphold. An abstention would allow the evil to triumph. Certainly enough of them allow another spirit to guide them, and it is not the Holy Spirit. A Catholic official in a minor role such as a marriage registrar might abstain from the duties of office if it is against their conscience.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Fr Richard you apparently don’t believe in the first amendment, and you believe that executive, legislators and jurists should LIE when they take their oath of office promising to uphold the Consititution. How can asking a person to sin by telling a lie possibly be the work of the Holy Spirit?

          • Ann Malley says:

            How can encouraging the obfuscations and compromise formulas of a pastoral council that has shown itself to produce rotten fruit be the work of the Holy Ghost, YFC? You should be careful when feigning concern over executive legislators and jurists who LIE.

            The same logic will be turned back upon you and those who you so eagerly seem to support as being “obedient”.

          • Linda Maria says:

            YFC—Do you mean, the lies to God, of possibly upholding false, immoral laws, such as abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.?? Well, I think Fr. Perozich said it well, that they must uphold the original Constitution, ask God’s guidance, and abstain in cases (such as same-sex marriages) where one is wrongfully asked to violate one’s moral conscience, and commit a serious sin. We have also had good Supreme Court Justices, like the late Justice Scalia! Wonder how they dealt with their moral consciences– on the slavery issue, before Lincoln freed the slaves?? What a horrible thing!

        • Thank you for the clarification, Fr. Perozich.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Wake up, Anne T! The law decided yesterday had nothing to do with requiring anyone to pay for anything.

        Besides which, the government killed thousands of innocents in the Iraq war, but we have to pay for that, don’t we?

        • Anne T. says:

          I did not like the Iraqi War any more than you do, but civilians were not deliberately targeted. On the other hand, Sadam Hussein was targeting his own people, and there were plenty of Iraqis over here, who hated him, encouraging George Bush and this country to go to war.

          Now the Muslims are sending their young, single men into Europe and probably over here, while Americans have to fight their damn wars. Ship them back. Let them fight their own damn wars.

  13. And the bishops remain ‘SILENT” absolutely disgusting, I hope they are prepared to answer to Our Lord Jesus Christ why they stayed silent and let his babies be butchered!!!!

  14. Bob One says:

    This was a serious set back for those who believe that abortion is a horrible thing. What is says, in effect, is that the government cannot impose an “undue hardship” on a person seeking an abortion. Like it or not, that is the law of the land and will be until we have a Constitutional Amendment to overthrow Roe v. Wade. The likely hood of that is zip. So, what do we do? It may simply comedown to what has been happening – keep the vigil at PP centers, keep praying at churches, keep trying to elect anti-abortion legislatures. Today, however, may have been the final decision on the issue.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Well, it seems to me that changing the law of the land (the Constitution) is more important than electing anti-abortion legislators who cannot change the Constitution. This case is literally a case in point. A law was passed by anti-abortion legislators and was predictably found to be un-Constitutional. Amend the Constitution or obey it.

      • Anne T. says:

        There is no right to abortion in the Constitution. Never has been. It is a made up thing. There is only the right to life.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Well, that is your interpretation. Even Chief Justice John Roberts, in his Senate confirmation, said that Roe v Wade was settled law.

          The People have recourse when they believe that the Court gets it wrong. The selfsame Constitution which the Court claims a right to privacy and therefore to abortion can be amended by The People. This is the beauty of our system. And why the laity are not off the hook when it comes to these decisions.

          • Anne T. says:

            Ah, yes, like Dred Scott.

            “May the Hero born of Woman crush the serpent at His feet.”

            “I have seen Him in the watch fires of a hundred circling camps. They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps. I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps. His truth is marching on,”

            A republic not a democracy.

  15. The silence of the wolves is responsible. For decades, Ted Kennedy did scandalous things, and the Church was quiet. Other pro-death Catholic politicians have gotten away with murder, and the bishops never questioned or penalized them. Because of the left wing and neo-Catholic clergy, the Church is no longer enforcing true doctrine or morality. Thank you, V2 for leading the Church astray ands for destroying the Mystical Body of Christ.

  16. The terrible scandal this has caused, is nothing new. Because we are now not supposed to judge anyone or anything, increases in horrible and un natural acts will continue unabated. When St. John Paull II was elected, I thought things would improve, but they got worse; when Pope Benedict was elected, I had hope that the Church would heal and grow. Now under Pope Francis, I know the Church is dying, and the faithful will be forced to go underground, just as Christ was entombed.

  17. Yes, I am a sinner, but why the Catholic Church does not excommunicate Governor Brown and Justice Kennedy, I do not understand.

  18. Justice Kennedy cannot impose his Catholic beliefs on the country through his judicial decisions. Abortion is a societal problem. Why, in the midst of information about and access to birth control, are there so many abortions? Why do so many Catholic women choose abortion? We must take responsibility for our culture and not blame a SCOTUS Justice.

    • You would make an excellent Bishop.

    • Many of them are having affairs, Bob. Then they want to get rid of the evidence to keep their “good” name. Blackmail is taking place also. Many of the judges are covering up for others even though they might not be having affairs.There is one problem, though, with all that — God sees and knows everything and is not fooled one bit by it all. The old “we got caught now let’s kill the kid” routine does not sit well with him.

      Then comes the Muslim rape and pillage routine which adds to the horror of it all. They think that is all blessed by “Allah” but they are deceived.

    • hosemonkey says:

      He bears responsibility nonetheless, The Supreme Court merely mirrors our sick society. Too many years of SCOTUS weakness has contributed to the rot. A green light to abortion and homosexual filth has twisted and weakened the minds of a decadent electorate, to the point where they meekly accept the proclamations of a Court who merely carry out the perverted desires of the tinhorn President who appointed them. May Almighty GOD HAVE MERCY ON US.

    • Exactly, Bob. The church simply cannot maintain a position of being against BOTH contraception/birth control and abortion. It is unreasonable and contradictory.

      • How about zipped pants and skirts down for a change. Everyone knows that the abortion pill helps give cancer to women, pollutes the waterways from the sewage, among a multitude of other medical problems. Anyone who says otherwise is terribly young and naïve or lying through their eye teeth.

        • Anne T. says:

          Correction: I meant the “birth control pill” in my second line, not the “abortion pill”, though both can damage the body. Natural Family Planning for married couples in real need is the “green” way to go. Married couples can look up the Couple to Couple League on line.

          • Anne T. says:

            Also, there is strong evidence that vasectomies might lead to brain cancer. I knew at least one man, whose wife told me he had had one, who died from brain cancer. I knew (he also died) and know two men whom I suspect had them who got brain cancer. One can look up the stats on line.

            As Fr. Paul Marx — may he rest in peace — said years ago, “God forgives and man forgives, but nature never forgives.”

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Bob, good point, except that the Catholic Church is actively trying to keep women from having access to birth control, and the result is that they then need access to abortion services.

      Which is the more serious sin, birth control, or abortion? The Bishops seem unable to answer that question with any degree of moral certainty, and are losing credibility because of it.

  19. anne o. nymous says:

    Justice Kennedy – a Reagan appointee.
    Harry Blackmun- wrote the majority Roe v. Wade opinion- a Nixon appointee
    Earl Warren – you know, the Warren Court, removed prayer from public schools- an Eisenhower appointee
    Why are Republicans looked to as a source of hope in pro life matters?

    • FromThePew says:

      ANSWER: Because Dems. fight for the culture of death everyday & every way. Did you know, when Justice Kennedy was appointed by Pres. Ronald Reagan he, his record, was considered, conservative? Obviously, something has changed! Pres. Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave. While Justices Ginsberg & Breyer (Clinton appointees) & Justices Sotomayor & Kagan (Obama appointees) were & are SOLID liberals. So Clinton#1 & Obama = responsible for most of these liberal rulings with their base of 4 (almost) always liberal votes + J. Kennedy’s changing sides. Only God knows ‘WHAT’ happened to J. Kennedy. And the GOP platform is pro-life.

      • FromThePew says:

        CONTINUED……And the GOP platform IS pro-life, much MORE than the DEMs. platform, which is pro-death/choices. Some people can end up their work/service & maybe even their lives being turncoats to everything & everybody they used to hold dear….. J. Kennedy? So that is my premise as to WHY Republicans in general (few notable exceptions) are a source of HOPE on LIFE matters.

        • Bob One says:

          From the Pew, you may be correct that the Republican platform is more pro-life than the Democratic platform. Now what? Anyone who pays attention knows that the base of each party argues and fights over each comma and verb in the platform, but as soon as the convention is over it is put on a shelf and forgotten for the next four years. Now, we are left to ponder the merits of each of the candidates on their own merits. Most Americans agree that neither major candidate is very good. So we are left to choose which one will do the least harm and which will not embarrass our nation.

  20. Jesusita says:

    This is a ‘catch 22’ situation. I know of priests in Texas who were severely criticized because they gave pro-life and pro traditional marriage sermons. Neither the bishops nor their henchmen in the chancery offices supported them. In other words, when a priest teaches the truth, even delicately, he is blackballed, scorned and ridiculed. Too many priests will go along so they can get along with their bishops. The Church is part of the problem that we have Catholics like Kennedy. Ave Maria Purrissima !

    • FromThePew says:

      J, You speak accurately concerning the priests who are trying to bravely share the truth in a ‘don’t want to hear it’ world. Somebody (his bishop @ the time) tried to reign in Fr Frank Pavone 4/5 years ago before the last election so Catholics would not hear the truth about abortion. And it worked because more than 50% of Catholics voted for the POTUS of death & potty law! A wise priest said to us at a seminar, “I do NOT want to go to hell for anybody”….& he spoke about all the Intrinsic Evils that is (mostly) never discussed in sermons since 1973 when the unholy ruling for abortion occurred. Sadly the church, even rome today, is a big part of the problem. Pray, Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins…….

  21. hosemonkey says:

    Very soon it will be time for faithful Catholics to enter the catacombs once again. It is obvious that Satan has triumphed for now, even the Church itself has sucumbed to his power. The Church is powerless because Peter himself has lost his voice and remains silent in the face of evil. “Who am I to judge” marked his fall from leadership and Authority and we will simply have to wait until God chooses another to be His voice. Persevere in the Faith, but be prepared to go under cover.

  22. Father Karl says:

    A wise priest told me that if ‘you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem’. Being pro life means you respect God’s creation, and allow for natural life. Birth control and abortion are intrinsically evil. They always have been so, and will always continue to be mortal sins. By condoning either by silence or passivity, a person sins when no effort was made to correct or stop the evil act.. Despite the ‘who am I to judge ‘ remarks, we are all responsible if we have permitted this sins to be committed.

    • FromThePew says:

      Fr. Karl, Tragically, since 1973, my family has only heard Intrinsic Evils mentioned in a sermon at mass a handful of times. We have been part of 8/10 parishes, 2 had pro-life groups or speakers like Fr Pavone. When St Peter asks, many in the pew will say, ‘Nobody, priestly or otherwise in the Catholic Church, ever catechized me on IE’s.’ Sadly, there is DEAFENING SILENCE RE: intrinsic evils from the bully pulpit, even Rome. Try bringing up IE’s with fellow Catholics (or even deacons/priests as a lay person) when it is NEVER mentioned from a position of C. Church authority & see how far it goes. But that is another story. So what do you suggest?

      • FromThePew says:

        Continued……….Fr. Karl, What is your opinion of the US congress funding the CRS arm of the USCCB for BIG $$? I just read recently they proposed a budget to congress asking for $330 million for USAID & $5.67 billion (that’s BILLION) for PEPFAR. What on earth are they involved in to the tune of $5.67 BILLION dollars? reported the funding includes contraception/condoms, confirmed by USCCB. Also look @ ‘USCCB & PEPFAR 2016’ or ‘USCCB & USAID 2016’ for more articles. But what specific ‘globalist’ projects are they planning to re-distribute all that money on? Anybody? Aren’t they more interested in pursuing those types of goals VS dealing with IE’s & us in the pews? Continued……

        • FromThePew says:

          Cont., Fr K, I heard a wise priest say, “I am NOT going to hell for anybody” before he spoke about IEs + at a seminar. If ONLY the USCCB & priests were on the same page RE: IEs, God willing, the people in the pews would KNOW the commands of the Catholic Church. Take it from one in the pews, MANY do not KNOW because they have not heard much if anything, since 1973!! They assume: hey if they don’t talk about say, abortion, & it’s been around forever, then it MUST be OK. Catholic voting records show this to be true! It is SAD the C. Church leaders are not willing to LEAD the sheep at any cost VS pray, pay & obey. Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins……

        • Catherine says:

          “That They May All Be One”:

          The Principle of Collegiality By Philip C. L. Gray


        • Catherine says:

          “Human nature being what it is sometimes the Principle of Collegiality becomes distorted and can stifle the witness of individual bishops by reducing the exercise of their Teaching Office to the least common denominator. We might speculate that this is what Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani had in mind some forty years ago when he was reported to have said that the only passage in Scripture that he could find in support of collegiality was Matthew 26:56: And they all fled. ”

        • Catherine says:

          “The Dignity and Duties of the Priest” (excerpts) by St. Alphonsus Liguori

          “For Christ did not glorify Himself that He might be made a high priest, but He that said unto Him: Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten Thee. Let no one, he says, dare to ascend to the priesthood, without first receiving, as Aaron did, the Divine call; for even Jesus Christ would not of Himself assume the honor of the priesthood, but waited till His Father called Him to it. ”


        • Catherine says:

          “From this we may infer the greatness of the sacerdotal dignity. But the greater its sublimity, the more it should be dreaded. “For,” says St. Jerome, “great is the dignity of priests; but also, when they sin, great is their ruin. Let us rejoice at having been raised so high, but let us be afraid of falling.”

          Lamenting, St. Gregory cries out: “Purified by the hands of the priest the elect enter the Heavenly country, and alas! priests precipitate themselves into the fire of Hell!” The Saint compares priests to the Baptismal water which cleanses the Baptized from their sins, and sends them to Heaven, “and is afterwards thrown into the sink.” St. Alphonsus of Liguori

  23. Michael McDermott says:

    The Destruction of the First Amendment as well as most of the Constitution is made easier if No Attorney is permitted to Defend Individuals or Institutions (like the Catholic Church) – and No One is permitted to even Attend Law School, let alone be Licensed to Practice – Unless the Conform to the GILBERT Agenda wholly and completely.

    The following Rule Changes will Prevent Defending the Church on issues like Marriage – And Prevent future Proposition 8 measures – by disbarring and probably Jailing (Contempt) Any Attorney who would Defend Church Teachings or those who agree with them.

    Hence – If nobody is allowed to Represent, then No Defense Is Allowed – and All intolerant of the Abomination = Must Pander, or Perish

    “State Bar of…

  24. Michael McDermott says:

    Hence – If nobody is allowed to Represent, then No Defense Is Allowed – and All intolerant of the Abomination = Must Pander, or Perish

    “State Bar of California – Proposed Rules of Professional Conduct Form LINK


  25. Elizabeth says:


    Just to clarify…. we are to judge people’s ACTIONS!

  26. Elizabeth, I was quoting the Holy Father indirectly when I wrote “We are not supposed to judge anybody”. On the contrary, we judge many times a day, and most of it is beneficial. A parent judges if a child’s friend is suitable. We judge whom we will vote for. We judge and choose what is best. Yes, we do judge people’s actions. I was being facetious to make my point. The liberals are the ones who constantly tell us not to judge,, but they judge all the time.

  27. Father Karl says:

    From the Pew, please buy a copy of the Catechism of the Council of Trent. In it you will find a good teaching of Catholic beliefs. I recommend this one, or an adult version of the Baltimore Catechism because they are logical and concise. While there is nothing dogmatically wrong with the new catechism, it can be vague and unclear. Teaching though homilies is supposed to instruct the laity, but unfortunately since Vatican II most sermons are fluff devoid of any doctrinal or moral teachings.

  28. Don Guillermo,
    You stated: “Saint Paul says that “thou shalt not speak evil of a ruler of thy people” (Acts, 23:5). But St. Paul also “opposed Peter to his face” (Galatians 2:11). What may we say and not say about our bishops, the “rulers” of our Church, I wonder.
    Let’s look at what you pulled out of context from my DR Bible Acts 23:1-5: “[1] And Paul looking upon the council, said: Men, brethren, I have conversed with all good conscience before God until this present day. [2] And the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by him to strike him on the mouth. [3] Then Paul said to him: God shall strike thee, thou whited wall. For sittest thou to judge me according to the law, and contrary to the law commandest me to be struck?…

  29. Someone once made the quote :”Throw the bums out !” I will change that quote a bit and say :”Excommunicate the bum !” How sad, tragic and pathetic it is to see sacrilegious acts being committed when Kennedy and other modern day Herod baby killers receive Holy Communion. The New Testament informs us that if we receive the Body and Blood of Christ unworthily, then we are guilty of the Body and Blood of Christ. The bishops must man up, and cease permitting scandals to occur.

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