Cardinal Roger Mahony blasts Trump over Arpaio pardon

Writing on his blog, retired archbishop of LA says he's "deeply troubled and disgusted" by the president's pardon of the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona

Cardinal Roger Mahony (CNS)

Statement by Cardinal Roger Mahony on the presidential pardon of former Sheriff Arpaio:

I am deeply troubled and disgusted by President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arapaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona. The former sheriff’s tenure was marked by racial profiling, harassment of our Latino brothers and sisters, and the disruption of immigrant communities. He created fear and terror among so many immigrants, and not just in Arizona. Children here in California were afraid to go to school because of what they heard from Phoenix. He defied a court order to discontinue to round up immigrants and to detain them in inhumane conditions. 

Rather than upholding it, President Trump’s pardon flouts and undermines the rule of law. It also sends a dangerous signal to law enforcement throughout the country that they, too, can ignore due process and profile and harass persons of color, especially Latinos. This pardon rekindles the fear and terror so rampant among our immigrant peoples. The police need good relationships with immigrants, and our immigrants need an understanding and helpful police force to protect them.

It is clear that the President and his administration is intent on deporting as many immigrants as possible, regardless of their due process rights and the equities they have built in our country. In line with this goal, I am also troubled that the president may remove protections from young immigrants who qualify for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. I urge him to find the moral courage to preserve the DACA program and to defend it rigorously in federal court.

May all Catholics and people of good will raise their voices and stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters during this difficult period in their lives and in the life of our country.

From Cardinal Mahony’s blog.

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  1. Clinton R. says:

    His Eminence has quite the gall to criticize anyone. Where was his
    outrage when President Obama was pushing the homosexual agenda or
    hassling the Little Sisters of the Poor over the contraception mandate?

    With his mishandling of the abuse crisis, his over sight of the the extraordinarily costly and thoroughly
    modernistic Cathedral, his strident opposition to the Latin Mass and his failure to cultivate priestly
    vocations, perhaps it would be best for the Cardinal to lead a quiet life of contemplation and

  2. This is ironic. Mahony, who should be in jail himself, for covering up for hundreds and priests, would not complain, I am sure, if he were set free. How much money, gotten from the “faithful,” did he spend cover up crimes and sins?

  3. Gee, just can’t work up the slightest interest in what this man has to say.

  4. What other pardons has he opposed and shared his “insight” on ? , if things had worked out differently he would be in need of a pardon . He and bernard law and the abusive priests have done more to harm the faith and drive people away then anyone else that I can think of in modern memory .This pathetic attempt at being relevant and rehabilitating his legacy is telling , I believe his hubris and obtuseness prevent him from seeing the damage he does by his public presence. In his retirement he should be beloved and seen as a model for priests , religious and Catholic piety and character , he is and never will be , “deeply troubled and disgusted ” does he not see that this can be applied to his time as leader of this diocese ?.”Moral…

  5. contd “Moral Courage ” ? where was yours ? , it has been well documented that abuse in that community continued with the understanding that their legal status would discourage them from reporting it to the authorities .

  6. This man did more to damage children in the LA Archdiocese than anyone else with his cover-ups for child molesting priests and he has that gall to say this. He needs to be kicked to the curb…

    • anonymous 2 says:

      Yes, Jeff, and yet not just damage to children which was terrible and is yet ongoing, but to the priesthood, to the trust of Catholics in their Church, and untold destruction to the faith of millions.

      But here he is once again, virtuously ‘speaking out’, against Sheriff Joe..who would have been happy to put His Lordship in jail.

      (Methinks that’s H. Lordship’s bottom-line beef.)

  7. Mahony rhymes with…
    Arpaio did more in a month to bring justice to evildoers than Mahony did in his entire reign.
    Arpaio is also the son of immigrants (legal). God bless Arpaio, no more Balony.

  8. Mahoney wants the president “to find the moral courage…” – fine person to ask this, don’t you think?

  9. I really wish these bishops could find the ‘moral courage’ to speak up on all matters that violate our teachings and stop being so politically biased just to win favor with particular groups in the church. This is just the Cardinal’s attempt to get himself in the news so he can remain relevant when in truth he did more damage to the LA diocese then can be quantified. There’s one comment was said earlier, I cannot muster up any genuine interest enough in anything this person has to say. So true.

  10. Ahhh. one good old octogenarian (Catholic??) would be jailbird out for the blood of another…..seriously, this man is a disgrace. Oh, but his “subject area” as a bishop is immigration. He wasn’t “qualified” to weigh in (according to the Raj himself) on other challenging moral issues of the day. USA takes in more immigrants than the rest of the Americas combined. Why is he so ‘anti-American.’ Should he not be criticizing Mexico, Chile, Venezuala, Cuba, Argentina for the paltry intakes of immigrants. BTW, this tool is the one who was gleeful to the point of disparaging B.XVI on his ‘dethronement.’

  11. The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops (and cardinals)….

  12. John Patrick says:

    For a person with no regard for morality one wonders how he is able to judge others?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Inmates were treated to the standard our military endure. Except the enlisted didn’t commit crimes, they committed to protect and serve their country. I stand with sheriff joe, a practicing Catholic btw.

    • Even if you are right that ” inmates were treated to the standard our military endure”, so what? One wrong doesn’t excuse another wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The man was convicted of violating the Constiution, and the guy who swore an oath to all of us to uphold that same Constitution, just stepped into the middle of it and pardoned him, saying it’s ok, saying he was treated unfairly. Both men trampled the Constitution.

  14. The Amazing Mahoney set up a network of psychologists that were also lawyers to protect Gay priests privilege, in association with his equally odious Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Currie (who has retired in perfectly good standing). These criminals are in no position to preach to anybody.

  15. Cardinal Mahony should have retired to a monastery. Forgiving is such a Christian virtue. His eminence
    needs to study the Catechism once again.

  16. Jim C Grisafi says:

    The clergy should avoid politicizing the message of Christ. It is a slippery slope when we begin to bring politics into the Church. It will damage us and polarize our community.

    It is best to keep partisanship in the secular sphere and away from the Church.

  17. St. Christopher says:

    This man has no authority to speak out on any moral issue. He should be spending his remaining days on his knees seeking forgiveness for the heresies he advanced when in power.

  18. Elizabeth M. says:

    Seems unanimous. No one takes Cardinal Mahony seriously. What is also unanimous is that he should go to a monastery to repent for all the damage that he has done to Holy Mother Church. We should pray for him because he is not even aware of what he has done.

  19. Michael McDermott says:

    Mahony’s covering up for Homosex Ephebophile Perverts infiltrating the Priesthood in order to prey on Adolescent Boys is the epitome of the ruin caused by such Evil

    BTW – does anyone know if Mahony ever discussed the Pardon of Bradley as a similar travesty – or like those who covered for Homosex Ephebophile Abuse of the Most Vulnerable. is it a taboo subject for the hierarchy

    Also – did he make any public statements about the scandal of cocaine field homosex orgies taking place in the Vatican, or has that remained taboo too?

  20. What a hypocrite this Baloney.

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