Calif. Planned Parenthood spends big bucks against Tennessee Amendment 1

$781,200 already reported by October 25 – more on its way


No on Amendment 1 ad

No on Amendment 1 ad

California Planned Parenthoods have already thrown $781,200 against Tennessee Amendment 1, a referendum that is dominating the elections there.

Amendment 1 was placed on the November 4 ballot by the Tennessee legislature. If approved by Tennessee voters, it would add wording to the state constitution to let the state pass laws to regulate abortion and abortion funding which are now impeded by a state supreme court decision in 2000.

yes on and Tennessee Right to Life are campaigning for Amendment 1.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion operators and the ACLU are outspending the pro-life supporters of Amendment 1 by three to one.

The election is now too close to call.

From a yes on 1 ad

From a yes on 1 ad

The yes on 1 campaign issued a media release that showed that by October 25, abortion promoters had contributed 94% of the funds — $3.5 million of the $4.0 million raised — to the Vote No campaign.

In sharp contrast, the yes on 1 campaign reported that 1,016 Tennesseans had contributed more than $100 each for a total of $1,012,268 to the campaign for Amendment 1.

Major California Planned Parenthood contributions against Tennessee Amendment 1 include:
$250,000 Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest (based in San Diego)
$250,000 Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties (based in Orange)
$201,200 Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund (based in Concord)
$50,000 Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte (based in San Jose)
$25,000 Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties (based in Orange)
$5,000 Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (based in Sacramento)
Which totals $781,200 from California Planned Parenthood, by October 25.

NOTE: Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (based in Seattle, Washington) contributed another $800,000 to oppose Tennessee Amendment 1.

The California Democratic Party, which controls all state-wide offices from governor to insurance commissioner and super-majorities of the state legislature, caters to Planned Parenthood.

In June, 2014 when Medi-Cal rates of payment for medical services were cut by 10%, the rates for abortions were increased by 40%. For many years, Medi-Cal has paid for close to 100,000 California abortions per year.

In October, 2013 Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 154 to allow Planned Parenthood to employ lower-wage midwives, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to perform abortions.

In October, 2013 Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 980 to repeal all abortion service regulations for primary care clinics in California.




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  1. California Planned Parenthood in my opinion is morally wrong in three-ways here:

    Number 1] They kill innocent babies here in California. Simply put they are murders and should be tried for the murder of tens of thousands of California victims alone.

    Number 2] They should not be meddling in another states legal or illegal affairs, California Planned Parenthood has botched things up bad enough in California already. All they can do is make things get worse, not only for California citizens but for everyone else. They should all be fired, but unless they beg forgiveness they are going to get fired, hell’s fire. I wouldn’t want to be in any of there shoes. Suffering in hell’s fire is for eternity according to catholic teaching.

    Number 3] California Planned Parenthood is subsidized with taxpayers money, many taxpayers would detest like myself, using our taxes in paying for votes. It is not much different then their contributing our tax dollars to Demoncrats pro-abortion candidates election campaign coffers. This in mind is clearly morally wrong. I suspect they will have to account to our Almighty Judge at the end of their lives for this evil as well.

    Just saying it like it is, but we need to pray for them that all the bloodshed is stopped. How can it be that the supposedly leader of the free world can sponsor and encourage so robustly the citizens of his own race in our nation, and still lead in their popularity vote. He killing is self-inflicted genecide for his own race. Why is the world so blind? Because the devil is deceiving and people have lost God’s great sanctifying grace to see the truth.

    • Not to quibble, but I’ve never liked the expression “pre-born” babies. I grew up at a time when women that were pregnant were carrying babies. We said we were going to have a baby. What we had inside us was a baby. He or she wasn’t considered a preborn baby but viewed as the baby it would be when he or she was born….same person, with the thoughts, dreams and physical attributes he or she was growing in the womb. I find this sort of expression as playing into the hands of the catchy-phrase-hatchers and wish people would refer to babies as babies at whatever phase they’re in. Stop playing games with the language. Otherwise, your post was so true . I feel we could win this if we would retain the truth of the language used by our progenitors…eg. abortion is not killing…it is MURDER. We kill in war, but whenever an innocent human being is killed by design and deliberation, it is murder. That is why we have murder trials, as opposed to killing trials.

  2. Planned Parenthood in California had all this money to spare to send to promote unrestricted abortion in Tennessee because the California Catholic Conference of Bishops (CCCB) won’t publicly oppose the pro-abortion California Democratic Party leaders from “Catholic” Gov. Jerry Brown down to the many pro-abortion “Catholic” Latino legislators.

    The California Catholic Conference does not give a real priority to protecting California women and girls from the continued 46 year long California abortion holocaust which began 5 years before Roe v. Wade and has killed about 12 million preborn California babies.

    California Catholics shouldn’t forget that Planned Parenthood spent over $20 million to fight the three California Parental Notification Constitutional Amendment initiative propositions that sought to protect minor girls (even as young as 12 years old) from the abuse of abortion without a parent’s knowledge.

    California Catholics shouldn’t forget that the California Catholic Conference and their bureaucrats effectively sabotaged efforts in 2012 to qualify a Parental Notification initiative by imposing so many phony rules, restrictions and warnings that made it virtually impossible to gather the more than 1 million signatures needed to qualify the initiative. They also effectively discouraged donors and the bishops and clergy from supporting the initiative.

    The three previous Parental Notification initiatives had to be qualified by the generosity of a few donors and the dedicated work of volunteers, working without the support of the CCCB bureaucrats and even facing opposition from the CCCB bureaucrats.

    • The California Conference of Catholic Bishops has also been mute about the 2014 CA State Democratic Party Platform that supports euthanasia.
      The Party Platform states their goals.

      Contact your CA Diocese Bishop about these.
      Fire the staff at CCCB.

      • No Diocese, No Catholic Conference, No Catholic Schools, etc., should hire any employees that do not adhere 100% to the Doctrine of the Faith.
        And abhor the INTRINSIC EVILS of: Abortion, Euthanasia, Homosexual Marriage, Human Cloning, and Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          How many here have seen the Front page photo and story of Arch. Gomez posing with the major supporters of abortion and sodomy in the Tidings (the official Archdiocese of Lost Angels propaganda rag)?

          Does Gomez actually think he will be able to alibi himself out of that when he stands before God and His Mother!

          May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika and His Church!
          Viva Cristo Rey!
          Yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc

    • Please, take back the language. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I stopped reading your post by the second paragraph. Just say babies…they’re babies, for pete’s sake. Stop using all those acronyms and legalistic expressions. Keep it simple for the rest of it. đŸ™‚ Planned Parenthood is an organization dedicated to carryiing out the wanton murder of millions of babies because they are founded by Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist dedicated to eliminating ”inferior’ races. Keep it simple. If pro-life groups would simply unite and convey this simple principle to the American people they’d win this. Most of us are pretty dense. Keep the message clear and easy to understand and don’t fall into the game of trying to refute PP on their terms. Don’t even listen to the lies they keep coming up with. Keep it true/. Keep it simple. Keep it up, relentlessly.

  3. St. Christopher says:

    Well, the CCC is a complete moral wasteland, but what did you expect, California Catholics? These men simply do not know the faith, or, do not believe much of it (yes, some exceptions). Instead, they are corporate men, in the worst meaning; preaching God, and obedience, and expecting to live lavish lives (without much risk of being “recalled”).

    The people in Tennessee should be applauded for this effort. It seems valuable, and should be studied in California. In fact, where are the champions of the unborn in the CA legislature? Chirp, chirp, chirp. . .

    The way to go about this is through amending the State Constitution. This absolutely limits what a court can do (although you can always have a court try to say that a State amendment is itself unconstitutional — perhaps Judge Walker and his nutty thinking might come up with such a plan).

    Wait, wait — are there none out there that will do this in California, no one? Perhaps there are positions for you at PP, a certain growth industry.

  4. This all gets back to Bishops (and their Parish Priests) not telling people to read the Bible and CCC at home.
    People do not know their Faith accurately and completely.
    The first task of all Bishops is to teach. How many of them are doing their jobs ?

    Here is an excellent VOTERS GUIDE:
    It answers the questions:

  5. I just came back from praying at the Mar Monte Planned Parenthood in Fresno for the 40 Days for Life, which ends today. It is my understanding that three lives were spared during the 40 Days at that clinic alone. We hope for many more that cannot be known.

    So $50,000 donated from Mar Monte PP to make sure their right to abort babies stays untouched in another state! One thing they don’t spend much on is the appearance of their facility here in Fresno. Ironically, the Fresno PP, built a handful of years ago as an exceptionally large facility, and one they were very proud of, looks about as shabby as their approach to medicine. Chunks of plaster have fallen out of a couple of places on the front wall, the plate glass on the street windows has graffiti etched into it, accumulated dirt and spider webs adorn the outer walls, and the landscaping is ill-kempt. It had better be more cleanly inside, but the outside is not too promising! I wouldn’t take my chances if I got a referral to a doctor in a building that looked like this. I would take off in a hurry.

  6. May the Holy Ghost help the Planned Parenthood butchers see the evil of their ways.

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