CA bishops like Jerry Brown’s cap and trade

See as in line with Pope Francis

Gov. Jerry Brown, shown at a news conference after he was named special advisor at a United Nations summit on climate change. Photo from LA Times

The following comes from a July 21 release from the California Catholic Conference.

The Legislature has officially recessed for the summer this week, but not before moving on a key piece of environmental legislation.

On Monday, lawmakers gave a bi-partisan nod of approval to AB 398 (Garcia, D-Coachella), the extension of the state’s cap-and-trade program through the year 2030. The program aims to slash emissions by requiring entities to purchase permits to release greenhouse gases. The program’s renewal was a key priority for Governor Brown.

AB 398’s win for environmental stewardship falls in line with Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology and climate change. Ladauto Si identifies climate change and pollution as modern pressing ecological challenge, and extending cap-and-trade directly addresses those challenges to create a climate “for the common good, belonging to all and meant for all.”



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  1. California bishops are worthless and quasi-apostates. Stop giving them money. Just stop. I have.

  2. Bohemond says:

    What do you expect from economic illiterates and apostates

  3. Sined Noid says:

    Cap and trade is the biggest bait and switch caper that the world has ever seen and bought. Now what we have to work on is snake oil to cure baldness and find enough roads available to get 3,000,000 people from Massachusetts into New Hampshire in one day. I’ll wait for the bishops to work those out.

  4. Laudato Sii is part of the United Nations hoax of Global Warming. It is supposed to make Pope Francis more loved, but its main teaching is that air conditioning is bad. Yet air conditioning is why we do not have Dengue and Zika that much here.

    • Gratias, Neil deGrasse Tryson’s new tee shirt states that there are two types of people in the world: 1) those who can extrapolate from incomplete data. Science is real even if you don’t believe it. Global warming is not a hoax. The world is passing you by in a hurry. Read the Encyclical.

      • Gratias says:

        Dear Bob One, thanks for honoring me with a response. Have read most of Laudato Sii. I appreciate your comments always although this time I disagree. We are all just passing by the world, no hurries on my side. Cheers.

      • Bob One, Dr. Tyson is an expert and a polite debater. But referring specifically to your 22 July post, who are the SECOND type of persons in the world? This is not a snide comment. I would be interested to know it.

  5. Joel Fago says:

    If only the bishops would be as concerned for spiritual health as they are for environmental health

  6. Charles Teachout says:

    Where is the pastoral concern for the souls of their flock? All this political interest is a distraction from their failure to care for the souls of their suffering flocks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is there any tax our beloved Bishops do not love to impose upon the rest of us?

    • That is one really great response, and hits the nail on the head. Let the rest of us pay for their pie-in-the-sky ideas. God knows they—jesting at scars who never felt a wound—will never face personal financial challenges like the rest of us.

  8. Cap & Trade is a tax in disguise:
    What a shame that our shepherds are so preoccupied by worldly issues instead of the salvation of souls.

    • Bob One says:

      Mr. Bill, I have to ask what you mean for the Bishops to do for the salvation of souls that they are not doing? Simply take the Sermon on the Mount. That is our faith. Where in the Bible does it say we should not be concerned with the poor, the hungry, those in jail, the naked, etc. That is the Catholic faith, to render help to our brothers and sisters. I can’t phantom a Christian saying that the salvation of the earth is not a priority. If we don’t do that we will perish. What, pray tell is a Bishop supposed to do? Tell me! I’ve been waiting for four years for someone on this site to tell me what Bishops should do differently for the salvation of our souls. Tell me, please!

      • Gratias says:

        Bishops should: preserve our liturgy, restore reverent masses, communion in the mouth while kneeling, end the peace handshaking, remove the “for yours is the Power and the Glory” embolism added to make us be liked by protestants, consider the Vatican Council II to have been already implemented in full, remove practicing sodomites from the clergy because they are a terrible influence, kneel after the Sanctus and communion, preach about Hell and sexual sins, teach the contents of the Creed of the Apostles until we all believe, be in continuity with the teachings of our Catholic Church that have served us well for 2000 years.

      • Bob One: “Tell me, please!”
        What’s the point in Bob One? You have been schooled in and on the Truth over and over again but still, you refuse to listen. You are so blinded by your progressive ideology that you are incapable of being instructed

        • Bob One says:

          Well gravey, its because most of what is put out for me to lap up doesn’t have much to do with faith. Things like communion in the mouth are preferences, not faith. Offering your neighbor Christ’s peace, showing solidarity with our neighbors is a good thing, not bad. Our doxology is added at the end of the Lord’s prayer after a short prayer. I haven’t been to non-reverent mass in ages. OK, I’ll concede that most music is pretty pathetic. My point is that our preferences, and they way we use to do things isn’t important. What is important is what is happening on the altar. It is gaining insights about living from the readings. Good homilies help. What you like and what I like is irrelevant and usually has nothing to do with…

  9. The Bishops don’t have the courage to enforce Canon 915 or teach the faith clearly, but they buy into the Cap and Trade “bait and switch” massive tax game.

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