Atheists out-maneuver Christians

The display from last year

The following comes from a November 20 story in the Christian Post Reporter.

The nearly 60-year tradition of a Nativity scene displayed at a park and hosted by a coalition of churches in Santa Monica has ended after a federal judge ruled on Monday that the city can ban such displays.

A controversy over the display about the birth of Jesus at Palisades Park erupted last Christmas season when an atheist group “manipulated” the city’s lottery system for spaces, according to a nonprofit, resulting in only two booths for the Christian group that normally uses 14 booths for the Nativity-related scenes.

“It’s a very sad day when a small number of people with an axe to grind, people who do not like Christianity, and who do not like God, are able to prevail by manipulating rules to censor our message from the public place where it has been displayed for the enjoyment of millions of people for nearly 60 years,” Hunter Jameson, head of the nonprofit Santa Monica Nativity Scene Committee, told the Christian Post Monday.

“It’s even sadder that a city government would allow itself to go along with this effort to try to snuff out a message that a small group of people did not agree with,” Jameson added.

Judge Audrey Collins denied a request from the committee to erect the large displays primarily on the grounds that the city’s administration was overburdened with the permit process for the displays, according to William Becker, the group’s lawyer. A temporary injunction to allow the displays to go up this Christmas season was not allowed.

“She claimed that they had proved that the primary reason for banning the displays on a permanent basis was due to the heavy administrative task work that city staff would have to do in accepting applications for permits,” Becker told CP. “There is no evidence on the record. The system was being gamed by the atheists. The only reason it was burdensome last year was because the atheists and their allies flooded city hall with permits (requests) in order to get the very result they got today.”

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  1. Mbuku Kanyau Mbithuka says:

    They do not want to hear anything about Christ, let them be, they will be alone in hell

    • They do not believe in hell either. St. Padre Pio had a very provocative retort to anyone who told him they did not believe in hell: “You will believe in it when you get there.” But of course, by then, it will be too late.

    • Maybe Christians should buy their christmas presents in another city that celebrates Christmas.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      MKM I don’t think they will be alone, seems like many are choosing hell now a days.

  2. How sad. See SantaMonicaNativityScenes[dot]org. If this happened where I lived, they would probably erect the scenes at the individual churches and put out a map for people to drive to see them.

    • Excellent idea! Christians should do that everywhere the Nativity Scene is removed or not allowed. I’m sure other Christians would even make donations for this to happen. We have to take Christmas back!

  3. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Mbuku, they may well never see the light during their lives, and they may indeed spend eternity in hell, but I do not believe they will be alone.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      In hell, everyone is alone with only hate around them. They hate everyone and they are hated back. They even hate the living. Hell is lonely. There is absolute absence of good. Company of others is a good, it cannot exist in hell. Your company is the one roasting you, and he hates you.
      Saints that have been granted the vision of hell tell it. It’s the worst

  4. Every Christmas as our children were growing up we drove them along the nativity scenes by Evangelical and Catholic Churches. Last year this changed as the crèches were replaced with signs advocating atheism. So the Evil ones win one more round, but they will not prevail over the Kingdom of Heaven.

    • We have the 10 Commandments erected in our courthouses and other public buildings. When challenges came from the atheists, people put up yard signs that had the 10 Commandments on them.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      What did any of you expect in the city of Sad Monica? The marxist have long been in charge there!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  5. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    We know from sacred Scripture that was “no room at the inn”, what else is new!

    • Thomas Edward Miles asks…”What else is “new?” Well Thomas, with you’re respectful desire to lovingly refer to God’s Revealed Truth as “Sacred Scripture,” it very well could be “you” that becomes new. That is, if you will choose it. Thomas, would you please consider purchasing and wearing the Miraculous Medal and having this medal blessed by a Catholic priest.

      Thomas, Since you are the one who wrote the words, “what else is new”, then why don’t you try something new! As you know Thomas, wearing a blessed medal is not about superstition or magic, it is a sacramental that prepares you to receive God’s grace and disposes you to cooperate with it.

      How generous God is! All throughout history at different times and different places, God sends Our Lady in an appeal to mankind and she always obeys. God knows that it is often the softening love of a Beautiful Tender Mother that opens hearts to prepare them to become new.

      “O Mary, Conceived Without Sin, Pray For Us Who Have Recourse To Thee.”

      • Catherine, Let’s pray to St. Thomas and St. Edward for him too, with those three (the Holy Mother included), how can he and we lose. He has got a beautiful name, Now let’s make him live up to it.

        • And as Thomas has doubts about the teachings of the Church, let us choose St. Thomas the Doubter as his intercessor. (Lots of laughs.)

  6. Clinton R. says:

    Sadly ironic that a city named after a saint has now banned a public display of the Nativity scene. Jesus is no more loved by the world than He was 2000 years ago. May He have mercy upon this faithless and perverse nation. +JMJ+

  7. Father Karl says:

    If the leadership of the Catholic Church in America had any backbone, they would be in an uproar against atheism.Many of our time valued traditions are being outlawed, without a peep from the bishops. Soon bells will no longer be allowed to ring, and the wearing of Catholic relligious garb in public will probably be forbidden. What has happened elsewhere WILL happen here! The events of the film, FOR GREATER GLORY will take place very soon, here in the United States because no one, especially the bishops, is protesting what is happening in society.

    • Sadly I believe you are right Father…and it’s my belief that the re-election of Obama will increase the intolerance of Christianity to the point of persecution.We truly live in dark times and short days…but it’s also comforting to know that God is always in control at all times and perhaps soon the world will feel His anger.

    • The Year of Faith is being promoted in every Catholic diocese. Have you read the Pope’s catechesis that he is teaching on Wednesdays? We may go through what you are speaking of so the New Evangelization and traditional evangelization are extremely important.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Sorry Father, Catholics have never been welcome in America.

  8. Apparently in Santa Monica, those on the public dole do not believe they work FOR the people.

    • St Monica Parish has had decades to achieve Catholic presense and influence in Santa Monica, but has failed.

      • Rick DeLano says:

        St. Monica’s parish achieved tremendous Catholic presence and influence in Santa Monica.

        Then the modernists took over.

  9. Christians should get clothing that depicts the nativity scene and wear it to shop, work, to government meetings and school. You may have trouble at work or school because someone might take offense of it, but don’t allow atheists to eliminate the display and honoring of your Christian faith.

    • Jesus is the Reason for the Season pins and yard signs are very popular where I live. Also there are t-shirts and sweatshirts. Also Keep Christ in Christmas.

  10. Shame on you California. The United States is no longer one nation under God. What difference is it to atheist’s if people celebrate there faith. They should just mind there own business. The freedoms you enjoy come from your country being grounded in Jewish- Christian ideals . The blessings will be removed once you discard God’s hand of protection and is already evident to many.

  11. Archbishop Gomez should now put up giant nativity scenes on church property in Santa Monica, also every church in the archdiocese should have a banner hanging outside saying “JESUS IS THE ONLY REASON FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON”

    • Many people I know, including my husband and I, have such things as the Ten Commandments in stone, statues of angels and other saints along with a crucifix by our door enclosed in a glass covered box with flowers. I suppose next some people will want government housing for everyone, so they can take that away from us on private property too. And Ed your idea of huge banners with “Jesus is the only reason for the Christmas Season” is an excellent idea also.

  12. Two thousand years after Christ died they are still trying to crucify Him. However, Christians have to know they are not out-maneuvered. He is alive and in charge. He is King, He reigns forever, no matter how well they succeed to expel His name from the public square.

  13. I see this as an opportunity to evangelize. If only I lived in that area *sigh*.
    1. Stand in front of atheist display w/ Bibles & Christian Pamphlets to hand out.
    2. Talk to anyone who comes over about the Hope that Jesus brings- witness with humility and Joy what Jesus has done for you.
    3. Pray to the Holy Spirit that you are doing and saying everything that is God’s will for you to do, and pray for the salvation of all that you speak to.
    4. ??????
    5. GOD WINS!!!

  14. Santa Monica is a sick and ultra-liberal city, I for one say take all the Spanish names of the cities in California named after our Saints and change them for it dishonors our Holy Roman Catholic Church, let’s start with the number one evil city San Francisco!!!!

  15. Tragic. The atheists will never be happy until NOBODY has a booth at the display, including them.

  16. Won’t they be surprised on judgment day.

  17. The most important point about this story is what it portends. As Pope Benedict has reminded us, the environment in which we live is rapidly, and almost silently, becoming not just un-Christian but anti-Christian, and that will present Christians with serious challenges to their consciences. The HHS mandate is a good example. There will almost certainly be many more. The practically undetected ‘secularizing’ forces are clever, well-organized, well focused and can be proactive when needed as this article shows.

    Many people don’t yet realize it, but it seems we are heading into a time of great testing of our Faith. We need to pray for faithfulness in the face of a society that rejects Christ and wants to eradicate all Christian influence from our land.

  18. Remember Liberals are a very unhappy, bitter, miserable, and all around sad people,

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Janek I totally agree, they accuse us of those things but it is them who is attacking this wonderful holy day.

  19. I see the problem in the lax participation of the Christian community.
    If the City is allowed to ban the Christmas decoration, then it is possible to unseat that City council.

    The federal court is not going to take sides on the Christian view.

    • The voters in Santa Monica don’t want Christian symbols in that city, which is why they vote for people who persecute the Christians. It is a city that is all about money, and has little interest in God.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      well if one has the money to fight, then one must fight….lawsuits for worthy causes…

  20. What good is it to condemn your enemies to Hell?

    This Christmas thing is so odd. American citizens are being prohibited from publicly celebrating a National Holiday with depictions of the event on which that very holiday is based!? Isn’t that very odd, Edith? Hahr?

  21. leftwing, secular liberals have infiltrated academia, courts and the media now for close to fifty years, this is the result. These people are the minority but wield tremendous power. Especially now on a population that is so preoccupied with being entertained and “worshipping” commercialism. Let’s not forget that half of American “Catholics” just voted to reelect the most anti-Catholic and anti-God regime in American history. The American people, through complacency, ignorance and Self-Decadence are reaping what they’ve sowed for the last fifty years. God help us.

  22. Remember brothers and sisters in Christ we are not fighting principalities of the flesh but of the spirit world. That’s why everything seems so difficult for us today.

    The winds of persecution are in the air. All this must come to past before the Coming of the Son of Man our one and only Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings who died for the remission of our sins and our eternal salvation. Soon in the not too distant future Jesus will come again as a just judge. The day or the hour neither Jesus or the angels know. Only God the Father knows the day and hour of the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Until then do not despair and do not fear. Pray, pray, pray brothers and sisters in Christ especially the Rosary every day. Look up for your redemption draws near. Jesus is and will always be the reason for the season. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  23. Maggie McC says:

    There is no law to prevent people dressed as Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, shepherds, etc with a doll for baby Jesus, from walking t.hrough the park where the nativity scene was blocked– and around town for that matter. Also flash mobs singing Christmas Carols all over town.

    • Exactly!! My thoughts as well. I did not read all of the posts and that was my comment. I think it would be great to have a flash mob do just that, but be committed to do it for the entire season. The world has gone mad and Christians need to speak up and be counted.

  24. I hope that the vegetarians don’st start protesting McDonalds because they do not eat or like meat. What country is this.

  25. Don’t blame the atheists. Blame the idiots who continually vote these
    judges in office and the elected officials who appoint them. We Americans have boxed ourselves into A corner by allowing these judges
    to exercise judicial tyranny in our lives. They have given themselves
    unlimited power to rule on any issue by simply saying that thay are quoting the constitution, but in reality they are interpreting the document
    to serve their own agenda.

    • I do blame the Atheists. They are part of an organized movement that since the French Revolution is dedicated to the destruction of our Church and civilization. The Freemasons are our powerful enemy.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I once heard a story about an Atheist going to court with a lawsuit saying that he wanted a holiday too…he was mad that they didn’t have holidays for them to celebrate..the Judge said to him but you don’t believe why do you want a holiday….but the Atheist said well then why should Christians have any then….the Judge said “but wait there is a holiday for Atheist.” The Atheist was intrigued and said “what” with a puzzled look in his face…the judge answered with “Aprils Fools day…now go away and stop wasting my time with these stupid lawsuits against Christians.! ”

      The tale was told Something like that…

  26. Paul Baylis says:

    There’s an inspirational true story from Meulaboh, Aceh, at the time of the Tsunami there.
    Muslims in the region did not allow Christians to celebrate Christmas in the township. The Christians humbly accepted this and held their celebrations on a mountain. You can probably guess what happened:-)

    • My guess is that the Christians survived the Tsunami when many of the Muslims did not. It reminds me of the situation where St. Patrick lit the Easter fire in spite of the Druids having a ban on fire that day.

  27. Linda Maria says:

    What a horrible thing, our judges ban Nativity scenes, yet support the evils of abortion, birth control, and “gay marriage,” along with the adoption of children to these wrongful unions! Our country no longer worships God, and no longer obeys God’s Laws! America is headed for TROUBLE, with a capital “T!!”

  28. They are abolishing our constitutional rights by witholding the practice and celebration of Christimas as we see fit. That is the problem, even though athiests are not the majority of our country, nevertheless they are being allowed to control the majority and spoil our celebration of CHRISTmas. Wake up America, fight back.

  29. Abeca Christian says:

    I think that for the few faithful people who live there, who actually believe in Christmas, because I know that many people there have money, it is a rich city….then they should buy huge Nativity scenes and place them in front of their homes with all the lights to glow….that would make a huge stand…..

  30. Abeca Christian says:

    In case some people are oblivious as to why this is happening in very liberal parts of the USA….it is because of the gay agenda, they have decided to attack Christians for their stand against gay marriage! So they attack Christmas, they don’t admit that but that is why Rhode Island is also doing that with their Stupid holiday tree gig. Guess what? Also lukewarm Catholics are saying Happy Holidays too instead Merry Christmas, they don’t want to offend anyone….really..I;m more offended when Christmas is not said!

    • This is an atheist group, not gays. They are doing this all over the country. Although I don’t know that Freedom From Religion did this in Santa Monica, they are bringing lawsuits all over the US.

    • a gay agenda?


      come on, ABECA, don’t you know any real gay people?

      they LOVE to decorate, so i really don’t think they are behind this. if anything, they’d want more!

  31. John Feeney says:

    I don’t need to buy anything in Santa Monica. Let the atheists patronize the Santa Monica businesses.

  32. Maybe the committee for the Nativity could gather a group of people together and agree to meet each day at a particular time and make a Nativity without really erecting a Nativity. Beat them at their own game by coming together dressed as the characters of the Nativity without breaking the law. Who says you can’t dress like Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and show up at the same place?

  33. If every Christian placed a Holy Family on their lawns at Christmas time the governing body could see just how many people would be affected by removing the same Holy Family from town squares. The Christian community (me included) are way too quiet when our faith is attacked. Some Christian communities even attack other Christian communities. We need to stand together and stand up and be loud or your kids will only hear stories about how “they used to put up the Holy Family before it became illegal”.

  34. The solution is very simple. Just find a private location willing to take the display. Heck, I bet if you look around there will be a mall willing to host the displays, because it would attract shoppers. Go to private property, and the displays can’t be stopped. That is much more productive than whining how someone doesn’t like Christianity. Hello, anything with mass appeal will have haters. If, instead, you obtain the legal or social coersive power to stop all negative messages about christianity, you have then created the mechanisms by which your freedom to choose God can be suppressed when government or the voting majority turns against you in local areas. The real danger is allowing government to seize coercive power over your personal lives—in areas where your choices have no direct harmful affect on others.

  35. Abeca Christian says:

    I have to say that I am grateful that we can express our frustrations here about important topics that matter to us that are faithful to our morals, To Christ, values and especially when we can defend the truth and nothing more than the truth. Even when there are dissenters constantly challenging us, it’s good to have the freedom to call out their dissent and call it like it is freely. I worry that someday my kids may grow up in this country and these freedoms are taken away. What if they didn’t have a website or something public to help them speak up and defend common sense and common decency for the common good for man kind? What if they were not allowed to defend the natural law or defend the unborn? As it is, we are already being intimated into being silent. That is scary to even think about but for now, I plan to take advantage of what freedom I do have to do good, even if Im now coming off as more assertive than I use to…I feel that we have a lot at stake and we can’t remain silent anymore and I will do my best to defend the faithful who display faithfulness in defending truth and correcting error. God help us for He knows that we have sincere hearts to do what we can. I know that times we want to give up and just become hermits but it’s only temporary emotions…we need our down time but we pray with humility to God to use us for what needs to be done.. God forgive me for ever failing him when there were times I gave into being silenced.

  36. The nativity scene has been set up on private property and there was a live performance of the nativity in the Park.

  37. guys, the solutiion is really quite simple:

    every believing CHRISTIAN should wear a little nativity scene pendant around their neck, so the CHRIST CHILD would be visible all over.

    a friend of mine has a pendant with a beautiful creche scene, and many people have admired it.

    this is rather like nuns in full habit, who serve as a visible remind3er of the CATHOLIC faith wherever they go, even ricking mockery because of it.

    if the dumb city forbids nativity scenes, wear one on a button, or a necklace.

    that’ll show those grinches…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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