Archbishop Cordileone to be installed in San Francisco on feast of St. Francis

Archbishop Cordileone

On Thursday, October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, Salvatore Cordileone will be installed as the ninth archbishop of the good saint’s namesake city. Cordileone, one of the most dynamic young bishops of the universal Church, will be installed at 2:00 pm at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption.

The appointment of Cordileone, a powerful defender of marriage, the family, the right to life, and of the Magisterium has thrilled traditional Catholics. But not all San Franciscans are sharing the joy. A motley group of anti-Catholics plan to protest the event.

Opponents include members of what’s left of the Occupy movement, a group called “End Pornography and Patriarchy,” and pro-pornography homosexualists. Leading the charge is a man who goes by the pseudonym of “Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour” of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The “Sisters” are probably best known for their annual “Hunky Jesus Contest” a mockery of the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ held annually on Easter Sunday in San Francisco’s Dolores Park.

On September 26, Mark Schreiber wrote an article in the San Francisco Examiner about the planned protests. The article was subsequently picked up by the SF Weekly and KQED News. Mr. Schrieber began “In the realm of local activism, next week’s planned protests against the installation of San Francisco’s new archbishop could reach biblical proportions. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — a group of gay-rights activists whose members satirically wear the garb of Roman Catholic nuns — is furious about the recent naming of Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone to lead San Francisco’s 91-parish archdiocese. The Sisters are targeting Cordileone mostly for his central role in advocacy and fundraising for Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage statewide in 2008.”

The only protestor quoted in Schreiber’s article was “Glamour”: “’Traditional demonstrations with signs don’t work anymore,’” said Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour, who declined to provide a real name. ‘We’re still deciding on how best to respond to his installation.’”  Either Mr. Schreiber did not want to reveal “Glamour’s” identity, or he is a not-too-competent reporter. “Glamour’s” real name is not at all difficult to find. He is Mark Kliem. “Glamour” himself reveals it on his website:

“Every year Mark Adams of publishes a list of “Most Interesting Person In The Wonderful World of Gay Porn.” This year, Sister Zsa Zsa (that’s me) made the list! The list of Most Interesting is compiled from suggestions from other people in the industry, and here’s what it said: ‘My colleague Onan The Vulgarian offers this: I’d like to say thank-you to Mark Kliem, aka Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour, for his Epistle to the Porn Industry…’”

Given the tone of Schreiber’s article it is easy to see why “Glamour”/Kleim’s real identity was not revealed. Kleim is a producer of homosexualist pornography. He is the owner of Lavender Lounge Studios. His mission statement says, in part “I employ a simple formula for making videos at Lavender Lounge extra smoking hot: the models choose their own partner. When a model approaches me to do a video for Lavender Lounge, I ask him to pick a guy he really wants to…. I have been working in the adult industry since 1996 and I am very excited to bring you new series of videos that is the best work of my career. Mark Kliem, Producer and Owner of Lavender Lounge Studios.”

Side note: The September 28 commemorative welcoming edition of Catholic San Francisco, the newspaper of the archdiocese of San Francisco ran to 40 pages. In addition to Catholics, welcoming ads were taken out by the Church of Latter Day Saints, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, and pro-life hero Walter Hoye.



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  1. If you are a homosexual catholic how could you support such mocking of your faith. Why are you silent when debauchery is presented in such films. If you have children where is your sense of protection of them against such displays of self hate and lewdness. There is no way you could faithfully receive holy communion each week and agree with the protesters of AB Cordileone.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Hankering for impure pleasures, is a sin that cry’s to God, Its a result of lust and is opposed to chastity.

      To publicily celebrate one of the seven Capital Sins is to cease to be Catholic

    • Lisag the answer is very simple, they are homosexulist first before they are Catholic, all the more reason to drive them out of the Church en mass

      • Abeca Christian says:

        lisag are you really asking that question? Wow….

        • Abeca have you heard of a rhetorical question. The point is there are homosexuals who are Catholic. They need to speak out against such outrageous behavior. It is like Muslims who say nothing after the murderous behavior of Islamic terrorists. It is their political religious ideals that cause such behavior.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            lisag homosexuality is a disorder, how could someone with a disorder form a moral understanding of the things you ask them? Sodomy blinds them, their lifestyle is like a god/an activism.

            I have learned a lot about them through my years when I use to try to reach out to them. I’m not an expert but I know enough…I want to apologize for my last post to you, I should not expect all people to understand what we are dealing with, their ability to reason is not the same, it is possible but it’s becoming more rare depending on how deep into their homosexuality they are in, rare, maybe it was possible in several years ago because people had good common sense and common decency. I recall when men didn’t come out of the closet, some actually didn’t want to scandalize a child with their lifestyle, they never messed with children’s innocence, now they demand it, they want to normalize their lifestyle and expect even children to now embrace it as normal…

      • thomas nawn says:

        our lord will not like words of hate againt gay folks, hitler murdered thousands of gay men i am 74 years of age i will not be driven from the church there are many issues in this world our lord said love oneanother as i have loved you my family have been in the united states for over 150 years

        • Abeca Christian says:

          how dare you compare the faithful to Hitler! It is your gay agenda that is the new Hitler, forcing their lifestyles on the people, working their way into our legal system, into politics to infiltrate as much as they can!

          Sodomy is a hate crime against God’s natural law! those who do not understand this natural law always use intimation to DE-sensitize these sort of sins. Your definition of love is not coming from God but from your own understanding due to sin, it can be a spiritual blindness! With love and humility ask the Lord for truth!

  2. God Bless you Archbishop, I am sure you will ignore the protests of the satanic pornographers, your appointment has really gotten under their skin. They know they have a powerful enemy in you…May you use an Iron Fist against these velvet clad homosexualist….

  3. Rosary vigil for the Installation of Archbishop Cordileone

    From 1 – 6pm Thursday October 4 (Feast of St. Francis) [Come for any portion]

    Prayer of the Rosary: all mysteries, then repeat

    Location: Across the street on Geary…and if more people commit between now and Thursday….Gough, Ellis, and Laguna

    Allow the protest and counter-protest to have the room/sidewalk immediately in front of the Cathedral…this aim is to encircle the area with prayer of the Holy Rosary for the Archbishop, the Church, the City and world, and all sinners.

    If you can make it – please come.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      What a great idea, surround the demonic protestors with Her Rosary!

      Makes me almost wish that I lived in the area so I could attend!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • I’d like to take the credit, but I am just passing on information. A very good pro-life man has arranged this.

  4. And these gay activists certainly show their sick characters. I’m sure Archbishop Cordelione is expecting this trash to show up. They scream hatred and bigotry and the rest of their jingles at Christianity while they are so much more guilty of the same and inspire nothing but justified anger.

    • For a while, we even had anti-Catholic haters shooting out the windows in Saint Mary’s Cathedral on a regular basis, which was both frightening and horribly expensive.

      So much for freedom of religion!!!!!

  5. Sounds like a torrent of real Hate Speech coming! Bring it on, Mark Kliem and buddies, show yourselves for what you really are—Catholic haters.

  6. Life Lady says:

    God willing, this installation will mark a new beginning for that beleagured city, whose name sake, St. Francis of Assisi, was the most humble of saints, always remembering the call that he answered, “Rebuild my Church”. Their new archbishop, no doubt, will recall those words more than once, and taking his ques from St. Francis, will know that with God, all things are possible, and the rest of us will see the Glory of God in his efforts and the results that we all hope for.

  7. God Bless and protect Archbishop Cordileone.

  8. The good bishop has his work cut out for him no sugar coating it, he has to stand up to the rabid anti-Catholic mobs. Pray for him in this most desperate of times!

  9. Archbishop Cordileone just offered a Solemn Mass at the Napa Institute that was shown in EWTN. Rorate Caeli has the link to the entire mass. He also offered a solemn mass to inaugurate the new Carmel Convent in Oakland. Thank God for this Holy man.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Holy, Only God Knows if he is Holy or not. We can safely say, outwardly he is trying to be holy, but who but God knows a mans heart?

      Do not get into his head that he is Holy!

  10. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    I hope he starts by sending all his seminarians to a proper seminary for their formation. Our Lady of Guadalupe in Nebraska comes to mind.

    People will go in to a tizzy, because as much as they would like to imagine they are not, they are probably possessed and that is the most likely explanation for their uncontrolled anger… the demons in them do not like holiness at all.. And get really angry at any threat to their possessing these souls. They come back with more and occupy even more space in one’s heart.

  11. Thank you all who have responded with love and prayers to Our Dearest beloved Friend our new soon to be Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. He truly indeed is a loving man who has been chosen
    by God . It is comforting to know that angels like you will be out in the Cathedral praying for him. We hope we can join with you and pray
    the rosary. We will be in town Wednesday.

  12. RIP-MHR!

  13. while this group of sodomites profane the Passion of Jesus and spit on the Catholic Church, a man is “detained” for his movie that insulted Islam…no indignation in the press for what these people do to denegrate Our Lord. But then Catholics don’t take to the street firing rifle shots in the air and killing people!

  14. Kliem is part of an international group of perverts making and selling internet porn. He is not registered with Ca Secretary of State and avoids the FTB and taxes. They ought to be shut down.

  15. The second to last paragraph about “smoking hot” (just like hell):

    I’m always struck when reading things like this that the people who have lost their way have lost it so very deeply, so spectacularly. They have given themselves over wholly and with gusto to their carnality and, on a mental plane, their dissent. The Bible is not usually very verbose given the difficulty of producing and copying lengthy manuscripts in those days, so I think the authors in the ancient world knew they had to keep their word count very succinct. But this is what St. Paul wrote to the Romans (et al) about and could have really gone on and on about had he the wherewithal: giving oneself over with such gusto to the demonic lure. No shame left, no modesty, in any sense of the word. No sneaking around with one’s sin, having doubts about its acceptability, being enchained to it but having a modicum of proper shame (i.e. the soul is able to feel alarm at its own behavior) left. Pure gusto. Sin broadly and deeply, and sin publicly! I see souls who have been lead far, far away from their Shepherd. The amount of His Blood that their ransom will cost Him is staggering. I know, because I have cost Him oh, so much. Lord, forgive.

  16. More power to you, your Excellency, Archbishop Cordileone. You are one courageous Archbishop. The devils knows this so they are putting up a fight. Maybe externally, they look like they are strong in opposing your installation but we who believed in our Faith knows that St. Michael is there for you to cast the devils into hell. Let all of us who has access to this articles encourage all those whom we know to pray the rosary wherever they are and God knows that through the help of the Blessed Mother, satan’s head will be crushed by the heel of her feet. Faith can move mountains and in God’s own time, God will triumph through those bishops who are willing to be a pliable instruments of God. Archbishop Cordileone is one of those that God can speak through guided by the gift of Wisdom and Prudence from the Holy Spirit. We pray that all Catholics who truly lived their Faith pray wherever they to support Archbishop Cordileone. Praise the Lord for touching the heart of Archbishoop Cordileone to fight for the true teachings handed down to the Church Magisterium from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Together we pray for the grace that Archbishop Cordileone will triumph against all odds.

  17. Abeca Christian says:

    Archbishop Cordileone the fact that they are protesting it is because you are doing right by God. Worry if they become your buddies. God bless you!

  18. FrMichael says:


    The Archdiocese of San Francisco owns St. Patrick’s Seminary, Menlo Park, and by the constitutions of the Sulpicians the archbishop is the First Superior of the seminary. I’m guessing that he’s not going to be sending his seminarians in any large numbers elsewhere when he has authority over St. Pat’s.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Well, Well, Hopefully he can start by reforming that Seminary. Would you say it produces solid and Holy Roman Catholic Priests?

  19. Singing Mum says:

    I will be there praying with the counter-protest!! Catholics, stand up to this attack on YOU, this attack on your faith! Mockery of our nuns and protesting our archbishop is an attack on all of us. Resist, in public and with prayer.

    Anti-Catholics must hear, the media must hear- an attack on our religious and priests is an attack on Catholic laity. We are one family. Catholics make up 20+% of this country, and will not be silenced!!! Speak up for truth, for your sake and for the sake of Catholics to come…

    Please, everyone, do not stop in your efforts to pray and fast for Abp.
    Cordileone, who bears a heavy weight for our Catholic faith. Storm heaven with pleas of faith and trust- especially on this feast of St. Therese. God is faithful and will hear us.

  20. Fr. Richard Perozich says:

    I will be going to the installation to say the prayers of exorcism for the evil that has overtaken the city of Saint Francis.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Father Perozich,

      My friend, God bless you for what you are doing. Since I can’t afford to travel to San Francisco, my poor prayers will be with you.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Richard, you sound ridiculous.

      There is nothing in San Francisco that is not also present in other cities.

      Good people, bad people, people in between.

      Exorcise your own mind and heart first, before you come prancing into OUR Archdiocese with your holier-than-thou nonsense!!!!

      • Thomas, perhaps Fr. Perozich is holier than THOU. Have you ever thought about that? Often when people call others “holier than thou”, it is because they are holier than them, and it makes them look bad.

    • Like Kenneth, I’ll be praying for you as well, Father. May God hold you in the palm of HIs hand.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      God bless you Father. The Lord be with you always.

    • Allyson Smith says:

      Father Rich, God bless and thank you so much for doing this. You’re the best!

  21. Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

    Too bad nobody reads this lame website, I could use some mainstream publicity for my “homosexualist pornography” company!

    “Homosexualist”??? Really? That word hasn’t been used since the 1950’s.

    Have fun at Sally’s Installation!

    Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour

    • Anonymous says:

      Sister Zsa Zsa, God’s love and peace to you. You will find that Bishop “Sally” is a good person even if you disagree with the morality of the Church.

      • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

        I’m sure Sally is a good person, he is merely mis-guided. All we are asking is that he keeps his nose out of secular politics.

        • Anonymous says:

          He is a citizen. Each of us is allowed to participate in politics. He is not permitted to run for public office, though. Please see if you can meet him. Catholics have a unique spirituality. It should be a way of life as well as a religion. The goal of the bishop is to echo the voice of God as revealed in the Scriptures and in the Traditon left by the Apostles of Jesus Christ. The Catholic belief on the sanctity of marriage and with it the “unitive function” underlies our position on gay marriage, pre- and extra- marital relations, pornography, co-habitation, contraception, divorce and others. You will, no doubt, have our failures to live up to our own beliefs in mind. This is because of our personal weaknesses. We can’t give up though. We have to keep trying.

        • The man has a right to express his opinion this is not Stalinist Russia just yet,,,

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      You will not be laughing when you face God at your particular judgment!

      May God have mercy on your sick soul,

      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      Nobody reads it? Then what are you doing here?

    • If no one reads this site, what are you doing reading it and why do you care to comment on it? Kind of a contradiction, ya think? May God have mercy on your soul.

      • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

        Thanks for the blessing, but my soul has plenty of mercy already.

        BTW, we found the link to this site simply because we get Google Alerts whenever the key words “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.” shows up on other websites. Otherwise, we don’t look for trouble.

        • Well, you find it worth your time to comment on this site although you state it is irrelevant. Why is it that the gay community touts themselves as people of tolerance and is so vehemently intolerant to the Church? If you agree with the 1st Amendment of the constitution, then the Church has every right to proclaim her beliefs. Your mockery and intolerance of the Sacred shows not only your ignorance of God, but your desire to perpetuate the lie of homosexuality as you blaspheme what is good and sacred in an effort to distract attention from the evil homosexuality. Just as the persecutors of Christ spit in His face and mocked Him during His Passion, you too are spitting in the face and mocking the source of Love, Mercy and Redemption as you mock and ridicule the Church, Christ’s beloved Bride. For this I ask the Lord to have mercy on your soul.

  22. Dear Archbishop Cordileone, Make St. Michael protect you and the Queen of Heaven guide your every step. Praise be forever to Jesus Christ our King.

  23. Callifornia is a sick, sick place. Everyone please pray for the people in that state.

    • May the whole place fall into the Pacific from the weight of its own filth

      • You two are idiots, praying against California. Move to Arkansas and enjoy the bugs!

        • Your stupid state is dying in every way imaginable spiritually, morally and financially, and this is a place you are proud of…????? Its begging for a chastisement… Hope I live to see it…

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Now Thomas the word idiot is used too often on the wrong people, time to take personal responsibility….

    • Thank you, Alan, and Canisius I have St. Benedict medals buried around our property for protection from earthquakes and the demonic, so please do not include all of California.

  24. I saw the Catholic San Francisco section on Bishop Cordileone. There were indeed many congratulatory ads, including Walter Hoye’s, as Walter Hoye. On the other hand, the Catholic Voice, the Oakland Diocese’s paper, has an article written by Walter Hoye where he returns to his title of Rev. Walter Hoye. Why the difference?

  25. Fellow Catholics @ CalCath Daily, I fear that they’re coming for us and unless there is a minor miracle, they may just get away with it, and by “they,” I DO mean Hussein Obama and his Obastardos, and also, you know, the ones like the HHS secretary Kathy Sibelius (same surname as one of my FAVORITE classical composers,Jean Sibelius, hope she’s not related), she of the APOSTATE CATHOLIC tribe of which there seem to be SO MANY these days, such as Andrew Cuomo, MOST of the Kennedys of such vaunted lineage, which is really phony and hollow; think CAROLINE KENNEDY, SHE OF THE RECENT DEMONRATIC PARTY FEST THEY CALLED A “CONVENTION,” and of course the list could go on and on. And who de we have going into the breach for us, MITT ROMNEY? a NICE ENOUGH GUY, I SUPPOSE, MAYBE A LITTLE “TOO NICE,” WHERE ARE THE punchers WHO CAN AT LEAST PSYCHOLOGICALLY BLOODY “the one,” which in his sneering arrogance and supreme narcissism, really NEEDS to be bloodied in this way. Pace all you peaceniks out there who are so averse to any displays of verbal combat and wish that somehow we could all just “get along”; so we truly NEED good Catholic souls like Abp. Cordileone who KNOW HOW to punch back at these unholy cretins, and REALLY LET THEM KNOW what a slippery slope they travel when engaged in such UNHOLY and LUSTFUL actions which they ruthlessly defend. God richly bless the Good Archbishop, and GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

    • Markrite, what you say is all too true, but never forget that GOD is in control, always. Trust in Him. And remember that we must keep speaking out! That is how sin and darkness gain power, through trickery and deceit and twisting the law and truth to where it’s a ‘hate crime’ to quote scripture or follow God’s word. Sneaks, cowards and liars hate truth and will always try to silence it. Every word uttered by the current occupier of the White House is a lie, but then he’s probably always been a liar and wouldn’t know truth if it hit him in the face. What worries me is how many actually believe what he says. Now that is scary!!

  26. Remember alot if not most of the priests in San Francisco will be hostile to His Grace, many are of the lavender mafia set, this is a fact. Please pray for His Grace!!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Yes Janek I will be praying…God bless everyone who will be there to show their support for this wonderful Archbishop!

    • It´s not ¨His Grace,¨ it´s ¨His Excellency¨ here in the US. Besides, this use of styles and honorifics is pretentious, un-American, and too grand. Americans got rid of titles and honorifics in this land in 1776. It´s much simpler, just as respectful and correct, but less pretentious to say ¨Archbishop Cordileone.¨ However, if one is going to use these styles, go right ahead, but at least use the right terminology.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Janet I am sorry that many are bashing the words you used to address this wonderful Archbishop. You did not deserve that! I know what she meant…get over yourself and stick to what really matters! At least she addressed Archbishop with respect!

    • Janek, you have no idea what the facts are. And your accusations against the priests of our archdiocese are ignorant and stupid.

      For all we know, you wear women’s underwear yourself, and pretend to be holy and pristine to the world.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Thomas that’s your opinion! You have no idea as really don’t know.

      • Try to have a civil discussion, you Liberals seem to have a problem with that! Name calling is very shallow.

        • Janek, you should listen to your own comment. “Name calling is shallow” you say? YOU came-called priests of SF as “lavender mafia.” You should heed your own advice by being civil yourself.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Janek you are correct…don’t pay attention to Rose, she has a gay brother and that is why she is defensive and has attacked you.

          • Additionally correcting Janek is not defensiveness on my part nor is it an attack. Get real please. My comment is meant to expose hypocrisy and a double-standard. It is meant to tell you to practice what you preach on here.

          • My gay brother? Huh? You’re grasping at straws.

      • I agree Thomas. There is an inherent lack of goodwill in the presumption that “a lot if not most” of the priests in SF will be hostile. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt for Pete´s sake. He will be their “father” after all, as all bishops are “fathers” of their priests. This knee-jerk presumption of hostility is ridiculous.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thomas, you have no evidence, as you admit. On the other hand the evidence that San Francisco clergy is corrupt is extensive. You sodomites always want to fantasize others in the perverse appearances you crave and lust for. This trait is one of the things that makes you obvious.

  27. I suspect the mentally ill tormented protestors will try to get their forces inside the cathedral in cognito for the event and then pull a major disruption. It’s time for us Catholic men to unite and stand tall to protect the dignity of our faith and our arch bishop. These scoundrels shall not enter the Lord’s house!

    • Yes agreed and it must be defended using all means necessary

    • Yes, I fear some idiots will try to imitate those horrible “Pussy Riot” protesters who desecrated the Russian Orthdodox Cathedral in Moscow to get attention!!!!

      • Ed, you know that doesn’t mean young cat riot, right?

        • Yeah the Russians who take their Orthodox Faith Very Seriously knew how to handle those stupid women, they do not tolerate desecration of their holy places of course the secular left in the West screamed in protest…. We can learn a lot from our Orthodox brethren I know this first hand….

  28. Singing Mum says:

    Mark Kliem, why don’t you take your clown costumes over to the nearest mosque on Friday and compare the reaction there to the one at the cathedral? Then you can hit the local orthodox temple on the Sabbath to make it a trifecta protest of religious groups who don’t condone homosexual sex.
    Or do you only reserve your anti-nun dork wear parades for us Catholics? Your street theater might make some us giggle, some of us nauseous, but at the end of the day we’re the ones who serve you and pray for you. Maybe some day you can take off the mask/costume/faux habit and actually talk with us.
    For now, it’s clear you’re more comfortable hiding behind a fake name, a routine, and a hooded costume. So your big accomplishment is that you’ve figured out how to behave like an adolescent Klansman. How utterly lame.

    • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

      -Joseph Ratzinger goes by the alias Benedict the 16th. Does he deny his birth name? No, and neither do I. It doesn’t take much research to connect my Sister name to my birth name because I am not hiding anything. I just think picking a new nun name is fun! (Catholic nuns pick new names, too.)
      -Every Order of Catholic nuns has a different style of habit. NONE of the habits worn by Catholic nuns are trademarked, therefore we are free to copy them and adapt them to our needs.
      -Why DO Catholic nuns still wear 15th century fashion? Are they hiding their identity? I’m not. You see how easy it is to cross-reference my names.
      -The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. are not a secret society (unlike the Masons). We all have day jobs and put on habit a couple times a month. We talk to Catholics and people of all faiths all the time. Ten years ago I was pleased to be invited to a ceremony at Grace Cathedral and at the reception afterward, I had a lovely conversation exchanging fashion tips with the presiding priest. Some religious people are not so rigid.
      -Thanks for praying for me. I don’t really need it, but I guess it doesn’t hurt. If it makes you feel better, we both win.

  29. With love, those who are native to San Francisco, will greet Archbishop Cordileone; and, with joy, we will celebrate his installation.

  30. Paul Joseph says:

    Homosexual pornographer “Sister” Zsa Zsa Glamour illustrates the warped outcome of a life lived in a perpetual state of sin.

    • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

      -The Supreme Court declared homosexuality is legal in all 50 states.
      -Online adult entertainment is legal in all 50 states.
      -The models I work with are mostly over 30 years old, so no one is being abused. They use condoms and everything is consensual.
      -I run a legitimate business, own my own home, and pay taxes. I am healthy, happy and have lots of good friends and a supportive family.
      -The words “warped” and “sin” can take on various interpretations, but I am not insulted by your use of them because they don’t apply to me. Sticks and stones.

      • Mark from PA says:

        Sister Zsa Zsa, what do you think of the use of teen models (17-19 years of age) in the adult industry? What do you think should be done to protect homeless teens that end up in the adult industry? Do you think anything should be done to help these kids? Do you think that gay teens are exploited by the adult industry?

        • Thank you, Mark from PA, for asking those questions. We know that there is human trafficking ( slavery to be precise) being done to get young people into pornography, even in Tia Juana, Mexico.

        • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

          Mark from PA,

          Regarding young models in the adult industry, you and I probably share the same views on that issue. If I were to defend the producers that hire them, it would be the same as Joseph Ratzinger protecting priests that molest alterboys.

          • Your right Zsa Zsa I won’t converse with you, as far as I am concerned you part of the moral rot that has infected this nation….

        • PA how can you even think that you can have a rational conversation with someone who is so lost and caught up in a life defined by sin…If this was rational and moral country pornography would be suppressed and driven underground where it should be,, this pathetic creature should be insulted not dialogued with…

          • Mark from PA says:

            Mark Kliem. thank you for your response. I am glad if we are in agreement here. Anne T, I agree that human trafficking is a horrible problem. I read recently that worldwide, 20 million people live in a type of slavery due to human trafficking. Canisius, driving things underground is not really an answer as it puts more people at risk. Much human trafficking is underground. I think the gay community is also interesting in protecting our young people from harm. No young person deserves to be abused or exploited. Young people deserved to be safe and loved. They also need to love and respect themselves.

          • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:


            The only “rational and moral” countries that still ban adult entertainment are Communist countries and countries ruled by Sharia Law. If that is what you prefer, then you should find a more rational and moral place to live.

            I realize it’s beneath you to have a conversation with me, so I assume you won’t reply.

            Sister Zsa Zsa

          • PA why in the world do you think that the gay community is so noble that it wants to protect young people..This may come as a shock to you but one of the biggest proponents for lowering the age of consent are older gay men.

      • Read the connection with homosexuality and nazism in ‘The Pink
        Swastika’. You can read it for free…go to It’s no accident that homosexuals ‘adore’ dressing up…that’s what they did in the early days of fascism in Germany before WWI…it was all dress up and games, but as these ‘boys’ got older their games got ever more sinister and the merging of the occult and satanism and darkness with power and authority almost brought the world to its knees .Now it’s beginning again in this country, only I don’t see a decent, God-fearing nation on the horizon. We’re becoming the enemy we so despised in WWII. Everyone should read this book. With the gay friendly CIA and FBI, things are happening at an exaggerated pace. I for one am utterly repelled and disgusted with the whole sordid, corrupt and amoral stink that surrounds that whole pathetic lifestyle. Sorry if you don’t feel the love but you’ve become the sin itself.

        • Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:


          Regarding the book “Pink Swastika”, Jonathan Zimmerman, a historian at New York University, wrote the claim that gay people helped bring Nazism to Germany “is a flat-out lie”.

          The author, Scott Lively, helped instigate the “Kill the Gays Bill” in Uganda, attempting to make homosexuality punishable by death.

          Mr. Lively, a model Christian, had legal trouble of his own: “In 1991, Lively assaulted Catherine Stauffer, throwing her against a wall and dragging her across the floor of a Portland church, at an Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) event she had been trying to film.[14] Stauffer received a judgment of over $31,000 against Lively and the OCA in 1992.”

          • Ernst Rohm who was murdered by the SS was one of Hitler top lieutenants and was a flaming homosexual….

      • Paul Joseph says:

        A consequence of living in a perpetual state of sin is that it inures one to sin and how warped one has become. No insult is intended and only narcissism would’ve presumed that an insult was ever intended. False righteousness is another consequence of living in a perpetual state of sin. The only intention here is to practice charity in the form of truthfulness.

      • Your business, zzg, is not legitimate, but delusional. You’re a monster in the act of destroying yourself and others.

      • Legal does not mean moral. The act of homosexuality may be legal, but is far from moral. Pornography is legal, but is immoral. Sexuality is a gift from God, not a means of temporal satisfaction as you and all in the porn industry portray it. Both heterosexual and homosexual pornography are evil and deny the true meaning of human sexuality. Homosexuality is not only immoral, but basic scientific research shows it is an act that is contrary to the design of the human body and the reproductive organs. Human beings are not animals and should not be portrayed as such for every human has the intellect endowed upon them by God to choose between good and evil, between what is natural and unnatural. Legalization of something unnatural does not change the fact that it is unnatural.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sister Zsa Zsa, I gonna go all Oprah on ya. Are you using your abilities and talents as your best self to help others be their best self? I understand the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do much good in the community so I am speaking of your career.

  31. DUMB LETTER from Mark Andres, the episcopalian “bishop” in San Francisco, attacking our new Archbishop:

    “In working together with the Archdiocese of San Francisco, however, I will not change my course with regard to the full inclusion of all people in the full life of the church. I hope that public disagreements can be handled respectfully and that criticisms of public statements may be met with mutual respect. Some Catholics may find themselves less at home with Salvatore Cordileone’s installation and they may come to The Episcopal Church. We should welcome them as our sisters and brothers.
    Even as we welcome those who may join us and look for ways to work with our Roman Catholic siblings in the faith, we will not be silenced in our proclamation of God’s inclusion. Our ecumenical partnership should be founded in our following Christ and shared service. It is our Christian duty to take stands in public or from our pulpits when others — especially those of our own faith — are in error and trying to suppress the rights of others who, too, have been created in God’s image.”

    This nut case is angry because Archbishop Cordileone supported Prop 8!!!!!

  32. Blessing to you Archbishop Cordileone. My prayers are with you.

  33. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Pray without ceasing for Archbishop Cordileone to be sent the strength and lasting courage to remain the great leader that he is when surrounded by such evil as we have seen running in the streets and gutters of San Francisco, some of which can be read here. The sick men who have posted here deserve to be ignored rather than responded to. I do applaud you, Kenneth, for reminding them that there will come a Day of Judgment, and of course we must pray for them, but I feel turning away from the sick and hateful words is similar to saying, “Satan, get thee behind me!” My heart breaks for these lost souls and I will try to remember always to pray for them and the salvation of their eternal souls, but I am thankful for Archbishop Cordileone and thank God for inspiring Pope Benedict to send him to San Francisco.

  34. i checked this alleged letter from bishop marc andrus of the diocese of california and found that it’s true, from his own episcopalian website. or blog. or whatever it’s called.

    what shocks me is that this man attacks our new archbishop whom he keeps referring to a “salvatore cordileone” like they’re bosom buddies over and over again, with no respect, acting like archbishop cordileone is some horrible person for upholding biblical teachings on homosexuality and marriage!

    i guess i shouldn’t get surprise because the episcopalin church has come up with some of the most wacko stuff in the christian world especially rcently, such as…

    – rites for gay marriage
    – including transgender people for ordination
    – causing schism in the anglican communion so much that american dioceses (episcopalian, that is) are now aligning themselves with bishops in africa to avoid crazy stuff.

    no wonder pope benedict xvi had to come up with a special method for welcoming anglicans, anglican parishes and bishops, and even anglican DIOCESES into the roman catholic church — these people are sick of silliness!

    and this guy has the gall to attack archbishop cordileone.

    • Andrus to Abp Cordileone is like the mouse to the lion, or like the fly at the picnic. Abp C may be enroute to bypassing the Archdiocese of L.A., and could pull down some seriously broad authority in the not too distant future … especially if he roundly defeats the religious cancer in his new Archdiocese. Maybe he should appoint a cadre of exorcists and begin ridding society of demonic influences.

      • JLS, exorcists are a good idea. I was not calling Mark Kleim Satan in the post where I told him “Be gone, Satan” but was asking the Lord to cast out the Spirit of Evil that has enslaved him and those around him. I do not know why Mark Kleim is the way he is, whether he was molested as a child or teen or whether he had good or bad parents or those in between. I do know that God loves him and wants him to be freed of the evil spirit or spirits that are enslaving him for, whatever the reason, so he can be the beautiful person the Good Lord meant him to be. That he takes on sacrilegious names shows just how enslaved he is. May many more people pray for his liberty in Christ also.

      • JLS yuour post reminded me for some reason of a picture in the sf chronicle years ago, of the espiscoplain bishop of san francisco walking arm in arm with the easter bunny down the street on easter sunday!

        henry the eighth must be turning over in his grave seeing what these nutty people have done with the church he created.

  35. Lee Gilbert says:

    If only Abp Cordileone would respond to the homosexual hate campaign by striking at the heart of the matter. Anger at fathers is often at the basis of this vice. You will see that anger expressed at the spiritual father of San Francisco tomorrow. If only he would launch Years of Forgiveness for the Archdiocese of San Francisco: First year: “Let us forgive our fathers . . .”

    The pathology is obvious. God is love, the source of our internal moral order. If anger hardens into hatred, it becomes an obstacle to grace, an obstacle to faith, hope and charity, to all the infused moral virtues. If faith weakens, recourse to the sacraments and prayer attenuates, lapses into sin increase. As hope evaporates, in its place comes despair, and the temptation to give oneself up to sensuality out of despair.

    Hatred inevitably becomes self-hatred and various forms of suicide loom into view, forms such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and what George Gilder calls sexual suicide: homosexuality. With homosexuals anger is always simmering just below the surface. Whatever other causes there may be, that is by far the most pervasive. They would say, and have said to me, “Well of course we are angry, considering how we are treated.” But, no, anger came first, then the descent into vice. If only these lost ones would forgive their dads!

  36. Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour says:

    Folks, since this entire article is a personal attack on me, I felt it my duty to defend myself.

    Salvatore Cordileone is a controversial public figure that chose his own path of infamy. Public figures are fair game for criticism, it’s the downside of celebrity. By contrast, I am a private person, small business owner and volunteer at a non-profit. The editor of this website went out of their way to insult me personally, belittle my volunteer work, and comment about me physically. That’s called bullying. Then they pat themselves on the back as investigative journalists thinking they have uncovered some deep dark secrets about my career. The truth is I have nothing to hide.

    The commenters on this site have been even more brutal. The fanatical Catholics commenting on this site are just as frightening to normal Americans as Muslim terrorists. This is why gay kids get beaten by thugs and thrown out on the streets by their parents.

    I appreciate being allowed to add my two cents and defend myself, futile as it may be against such stubbornness, but I’ve grown weary of this debate and I am moving on. If you’ll notice, none of my comments insulted any private citizens, I used no profanity, and I never mocked your beliefs – only the corporation that sells religion to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour, I am glad that you posted here. I do not think you or any normal Americans have anything to fear from the bloggers on this website. They are just as critical of the bishops are they are of you. This website has people who post here who are gay and who have gay kids, although some just get disgusted and quit posting. I assume that they may continue reading it. There are many different people who post here. Some are so distrustful of the Church that they attend alternative churches which are not part of the Catholic Church. Some attend Mass and are content; others find fault with everything that isn’t “Catholic” enough for them. Christianity is a beautiful religion but it is also a religion that can be hijacked. When Bishop Cordilieone is controversial it is because he has a vision for human society that is based on love. Love of God and love of neighbor. It is distressing to see the pain that the Catholic position on gay marriage and gay relationships cause some people to feel. Catholics are suppoesed to be trying to attain a state of purity where everything is done for love of God and neighbor. Many things that others feel are supportive of love (gay marriage, stem cell research. abortion of babies that will suffer etc) we feel are not loving enough.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Anonymous what we should be fearing is hell…

        Praying for our Lord’s Sanctifying grace should be up in our priorities!

        • Anonymous says:

          abeca, those who follow Christ do not need to fear hell. We need to fear our own sins, our pride, our blindness, our lack of charity. Yes, every day we offer ourselves (not just prayers but our whole lives, ideally) for the conversion of sinners, the sanctification of the just, the spread of the Gospel, for all the intentions of Our Lord for which He offers Himself in the Sacrifice of the Mass. I hope Sister Zsa Zsa comes to know the intense love that God has for him. Sister Zsa Zsa will be grief-stricken when he comes to understand how the Lord suffered for him, but we need to be ready to welcome him with open arms and help him experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

    • Anonymous says:

      SZZG, on the contrary, it is not this article that attacks you but defends God and goodness against your attack.

      • The post above that begins “SZZG, on”, is mine and not Anonymous’. If you post w/o your “name”, it seems to use the “name” of the previous post or the post you’re replying to.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      The devil is offended too but heck if you are for Jesus, then you are for Jesus and who cares what the evil lifestyles of others think!

    • Zsa Zsa Glamour: When you mock the Church, you mock the Lord and Savior of the World and all of us who are baptized into His One Body, the Church Jesus founded for we are all one body in the Body of Christ. You mock God’s gift of salvation to the World when you mock the Church and in turn are mocking God and denying His Loving Mercy. The Church is nothing other than a source of love, God’s Love for all of humanity and all are free to accept His love or deny it. Even if you choose to deny the Word of God, His word remains true, it remains the source of eternal life and everlasting joy. You are not denying a social ideology when you deny God, you are denying the Creator of us all, the source of life and the essence of love. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Mark from PA says:

      Sister Zsa Zsa: Yesterday I watched a beautiful TV program about religious sisters. It was “We Shall Not Be Moved – The Catholic Sisters of New Orleans.” It was a beautiful program that told about what Catholic sisters in New Orleans went through during and after Hurricane Katrina. These women are an inspiration to me and are living symbols of what the Catholic Church is all about. If you can locate this program on the internet it would be well worthwhile to watch it. I was taught for 12 years by religious sisters and have a great fondness for them and an appreciation for their work. I hope that some of the other posters here got the chance to view this wonderful and inspiring program. God bless the sisters.

  37. Lee Gilbert – Now that’s just plain old stupid.

  38. What a great way to spent the afternoon, Thank you Cyrus for coordinating the rosary on Geary Bl. My only regret is I could not stay longer

  39. Many of the members of the SA and N.S.D.A.P. were Homosexuals in the early stages of the Nazi Party. It was very male oriented and this appealed to men of that persuasion.

  40. For those of you who live in the SF area, and those who may have same sex attraction or be related to someone with same sex attraction, for answers to:
    # 9. Is the Catholic Church unfair to homosexuals? What does the Church teach? Why does it oppose gay-marriage? Can homosexuals get to heaven?
    Internet search: ” What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE “.
    You will find quotes from the CCC, a link to the Vatican that insures you will know if your Church or Catholic organization is helping you according to the Faith, and a link to “Courage”.
    The site with the links provided will help all of us to be able to better understand and explain the true teachings of the Church regarding homosexual acts vs those with same sex attraction.
    The answer starts out with – ” The Church is not unfair to homosexuals. It teaches that ALL sexual activity outside of marriage (-between one man and one woman) is sinful regardless of orientation. “

    • Pray for all Bishops, and all Priests that they may:

      1. have the strength, wisdom and courage to teach the Faith – according to the CCC without exception;

      2. that they will actively encourage everyone within their Diocese to read the CCC in entirety so Catholics will know their Faith rather than assume they know;

      3. to publically act to stop the Scandal of those professing to be Catholic within their own Diocese;

      4. and to stop the Sacrilege against the Body and Blood of Our Lord by enforcing Canon 915.

  41. Anonymous says:

    May the most Holy, most Sacred, most Adorable, most Incomprehensible and Unutterable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified, in Heaven, on earth and under the earth by all the creatures of God and by the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.

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