Archbishop Cordileone merges two San Francisco parishes

Decline in parishioners "calls into question the viability of two parishes"

Saint Monica Parish in San Francisco (image from

The Archdiocese of San Francisco has announced that two parishes in San Francisco’s Richmond District are now merging into a single parish, effective January 1, 2017. Saint Monica Parish and Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish will now be Saint Monica-Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish.

The Decree effecting this merger cites a significant decline in number of parishioners, which calls into question the viability of two parishes. It is hoped that the merger will foster a more vibrant Catholic presence.

Saint Monica Parish (at Geary Avenue and 24th Street) was founded in 1911; Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish (a mile away, at Balboa Avenue and 39th Street) was founded in 1922 from a division of the [then] fast-growing Saint Monica Parish.

From Archdiocese of San Francisco website.



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  1. John Patrick says:

    Sadly, the Novus Ordo seems to attract nobody having any belief or devotion to the Catholic Faith.

    • Linda Maria says:

      I agree, John Patrick. St. Monica’s has a Latin Tridentine Mass, at Noon, on Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri., said by Fr. Young. I have taken my 87-year-old mother to it, also. Fr. Young is a very good elderly, retired priest of the Archdiocese, excellent with the Tridentine Latin Mass.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        So given that St. Monica’s has a TLM, perhaps John Patrick would like to amend his commentary?

      • Linda Maria says:

        Actually, John Patrick- I think the real problem is that regardless of whether the Mass is the Tridentine Latin Mass, or the Novus Ordo Mass– the Church no longer has a solid religious and moral education in our Catholic Faith, as she once did, prior to the Council! And Catholic schools, from kindergarten through the graduate college level– are no longer required to adhere to Catholic doctrine! That is the real problem! The Church published the Vatican II Catechism– but she does not teach it, formally– nor require obedience to it! Catholics all need religious and moral guidance and support, lifelong– for their lives, and for their marriages and children! So– where is it??

        • Anonymous says:

          This is just not true.

          • Linda Maria says:

            Anonymous– in order to properly run a worldwide Church, it is only COMMON SENSE to provide good religious and moral training, for the Church members and their families, and continually assist them, lifelong, spiritually! You also must have consistency in religious and moral teaching and practice, in all Church-related schools, charities, hospitals, missions, and other institutions– otherwise, it will not succeed very well, and experience huge problems!

        • Steve Phoenix says:

          You summarized it perfectly, Linda Maria.

        • Agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!! That should be the first item on the agenda of examining and transforming the present state of “Catholic” education. Let’s add faithful substance to the banners, balloons, cupcakes and self-esteem sessions. Truths are not always comfortable because they make it impossible to take the easy way out. We’ve allowed these truths to be systematically and purposely “salami-sliced” away until no one honest must demand “where’s the beef”? I DO NOT FAVOR RETURNING TO HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE. That Catholics need to accept and interiorize that there is objective truth is essential which binds how we live out our lives. No reason that this isn’t being taught with enthusiasm. But ALWAYS in an age-appropriate…

        • in a manner which stresses God’s ineffable love and mercy to those who truly seek forgiveness.
          Sorry for running my mouth.

    • thomas nawn says:

      the early Christians attended mass in caves the service generally starte in the early morning hours and lasted several hours only bsptized folks were permitted to attend the consecration the people gathered around the altar the celebrant faced the congregation it was somewhat informal but very solemn

    • Anonymous says:

      I went to St. Monica’s. It was a very reverent Mass of the Ordinary Form. I think the priest was bi-ritual because he talked about the Byzantine Rite. Lots of incense. Very faithful sermon.
      Please don’t listen to the slanderers.

      • Linda Maria says:

        Anonymous– St. Monica’s church also has a little parish in its old convent, I believe, for the Byzantine rite. They have their own Mass, called the Divine Liturgy, with their own priest, and a small congregation.

        • Thank you Linda Maria. Every church I attended in SF was reverent. I had heard a lot of negativity on this website about SF Churches but I am happy to report that those were false reports. They were completely orthodox. Even at the very modern cathedral, the priest said in his sermon that we need to stand up for the truth about human sexuality in the face of persecution, even if the persecution comes from within our own family. The line of penitents was so long that they could not finish hearing confessions before Mass and had to resume them after Mass ended.
          My visit to SF and it’s Catholic Churches was one of the most profoundly spiritual experiences of my life. Can’t wait to return. You are truly blessed if you live there.

          • Linda Maria says:

            Anonymous— it is always good to know of churches with Masses that are reverent. Those are the only ones I prefer, too! But beware– every priest is different, and with occasional changes in pastors and assistant priests at parishes– the way they say Mass might also change! Our Church has little stability since the Council, unfortunately!

          • Steve Phoenix says:

            There are many reverent churches and good priests in SF, esp. reflecting the new, more traditional, orthodox leadership of Cordilrone, in significant contrast to the prior leadership. period (Quinn, Niederauer). At that time, morale and discipline fell off significantly. However, there are still some parishes a prudent Catholic would do well to avoid.

            Well, for example, besides some of the head-shaking homilies, consider once-proud St. Ignatius Church, where there is a weird art gallery on the right side transept, where artistically ornate and inspiring side-altars once stood—and now a Muslim prayer-niche or mehrab. Just for any of you who may be wannabe converts from Catholicism to Islam.

          • Steve Phoenix says:

            Just to clarify, when a Muslim place of worship is placed in a Christian church, it becomes Dar al-Islam, a place claimed by Islam as an Islamic house of worship under Shariah.

            By contrast all other as-yet unconquered houses of worship are Dar al-harb, lit., “House of War”, because they belong to al-Kareem, the enemies of Islam.

          • I went to that Church. I saw the art gallery but there were lots of side altars, still. They had educational plaques. I did not see a muslim prayer site. I saw a flyer for their Holy Hour for Life. The Stations are beautiful
            I see online that the campus has an interfaith meditation room but it is not in the Church.

    • We need more sarcasm.

  2. Says who, JP?

  3. JP, you have offended some people by your speaking of the truth! For shame on you! Ever since the V2 Council the church world-wide has been declining. Parishes have closed, world-wide due to a reduction in parishoners and priests. Once Roman Catholic schools, colleges and seminaries have closed world-wide due to a shortage of nuns, priests, brothers, and concerned parents. Once Roman Catholic Hospitals and Adoption Centers have likewise closed on account of lack of nuns as nurses and concerned patients. The key to all of this is a world-wide loss of souls in the Roman Catholic Faith. St. Monica’s is just another painful example of “another one bites the dust”. “You will know them by their fruits” said our Lord.

  4. Islam is a pagan religion. Allah is a false god and Mohammed is a false prophet, both dreamed up by the devil. It is a grievous sin, and heretical for a Christian church and individual christians to support ecumenism which disobey God’s 1st Commandment Parishioners should seek another V2 Church.

  5. Jerry,
    Better to encourage Christians seeking the one true religion to seek the Roman Catholic Church that practices tradition, namely offers the Tridentine Latin Mass, 7 Holy Sacraments as they were before the Vatican 2 Council, and puts worship, charity, and prayer to God first, before all else. Visit and pray the Rosary for God to lead you on your Journey back to Jesus’ Sacred Heart and Blessed Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

    • Anonymous says:

      I visited and it is a finance company. There is a website similar in name but I will not print it because it is definitely schismatic.Schism is a mortal sin.

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