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McDonalds in Echo Park (Los Angeles)

McDonalds in Echo Park (Los Angeles)

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The McDonalds mega-chain has topped the list of companies most apt to sponsor sexually-graphic television shows, according to the Parents Television Council.

“The companies on our lists are the worst offenders in each category, and McDonalds, YUM! Brands, and Toyota Motor Sales Inc., in particular have been the top contributors to the most explicit broadcast TV shows,” Tim Winter, the pro-family group’s president, said in a press release.

“Particularly jarring is the direction that McDonalds’ advertising has taken in recent years, given its history as a family – and child-centric – brand,” he added.

“We’ve recently reached out to McDonalds to encourage the company to change course, as it used to be one of our ‘best’ advertisers. And perhaps not coincidentally, data shows the company to have had better earnings when it eschewed explicit TV programming.”

The TV watchdog’s latest report, released in May, highlights companies that routinely advertise on shows that include, for example,  “jokes about incest, rape, pedophilia; [glorifications of] adultery; barrages of bleeped and partially-bleeped F-words; and intense, brutal violence, including cannibalism and fetishized butchery.”

The lists feature companies that most frequently sponsor some of the most offensive content on broadcast television. The programs are evaluated and reviewed by the Parents Television Council’s Research Department.

TV sexual content is broken into two categories: Sexual Content, which includes depictions of or implied sexual content, and Suggestive Dialogue, which specifically includes dialogue about sexual content.

The Parents Television Council’s Top Ten TV sponsors of programs with sexual content, suggestive dialogue, foul language, and violence are:

Sexual Content:
McDonalds Corporation
YUM! Brands
Mars Inc.
Colgate Palmolive Company
Virgin Mobile Telecoms Limited
Time Warner Inc.
Sony Corp. of America
Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
Red Bull North America, Inc.

Suggestive Dialogue:
McDonalds Corporation
Subway Restaurants
Target Corp.
Kohl’s Corporation
Sears, Roebuck and Co
Unilever United States
AT&T Corp.
Verizon Communications
Toyota Motor Sales Inc.

Foul Language:
McDonalds Corporation
YUM! Brands
L’Oreal USA, Inc.
Verizon Communications
Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Signet Group plc (Kay Jewelers)
Capital One Financial Corporation
H & R Block

Subway Restaurants
YUM! Brands
Verizon Communications
AT&T Corp.
Sprint Corporation
Burlington Industries, Inc.
Daimler Chrysler Corporation
Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
General Motors Corp.
Signet Group plc (Kay Jewelers)

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  1. The Parents Television Council Advisory Board includes Billy Ray Cyrus, arguably the worst parent on the American scene today and avid promoter and profiteer of his daughter’s filth. This was exposed some years ago and a great many faithful people discontinued their support of the organization when the Board refused to expel Billy Ray Cyrus. He sadly remains on the Board today, which can be verified here:

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Dave N are you sure have that right? From what I heard is Billy Ray Cyrus is not having a good relationship with his daughter because of the bad choices that she is making. They have been having a bumpy relationship due to the bad choices she has been making, meaning that he does not approve of what she is doing. Just wondering, that is why I decided to add these comments. I am no supporter of Billy Ray Cyrus but I also prefer to clear the air especially if a parent is being blamed unjustly.

      • Dave N. says:

        I’m not sure where you’re getting your information Abeca, so perhaps you could enlighten us. BRC’s most famous comments about Miley are: “It’s what people her age do”; “trying to type, tweet, twerk and ride a wrecking ball naked all at the same time while carrying a sledgehammer is proving difficult”; and to his daughter: “Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented…. And I had a foam finger…. I woulda done the same thang you did. – DAD.” Just Google the phrases. His sort of glib feigned ignorance of Miley’s “activities” has been spoofed endlessly on shows like SNL. There’s no way BRC should be help up as some sort of parental role model.

        • Anne T. says:

          David N. her mother was very much encouraging her “off the wall” behavior in one video where the mother was in the aisle dancing while her daughter did her filthy act in one major news report, but I am not sure the father has ever encouraged such a thing. Many times the people encouraging bad behavior deliberately go after minister’s daughters, etc. It is like a notch in their belt if they can get a family member of a good person to get down in the gutter with them..

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Thank you Dave N I will try to recollect that info, its been years now, I don’t remember the sources but I recall us mums having a talk about it. But I don’t care to keep up with Miley and her stuff.

          If I find that info Ill post, if not well its up for discernment. I do appreciate you informing us as well though, maybe we were mislead in some way. Doesn’t hurt to know the truth and if you are right then he should not be part of this parental role model, as you said. I agree with you if we find out the truth on things.

  2. There are so many that it’s hard to keep up with all of the different boycotts for various immoral reasons. I guess we seemingly have to boycott everything. Maybe someone should start writing about (listing) restaurants and retail outlets that eschew moral values so that we know where to go with our spending dollars.

  3. Father Karl says:

    Sometimes boycotts work, sometimes they do not. Unfortunately, until a vast majority of Catholics and Protestants stand together and promise NOT to use the services of the above mentioned companies, the same old same old will continue. It is a fact, that when certain religious faiths protest, as well as certain ethnic groups plan a boycott, then immediate action is taken: the groups are quickly united and their voice is so strong and numerous that the corporations immediately go into repair mode, and the scandalous ads are withdrawn. The Catholic Church once yielded a tremendous amount of influence, and respect, but since Vatican II the mighty roar of the protective lion has been replaced by the soft cry of a kitten.

  4. pam elhachimy says:

    It is best to boycott one business at a time.

  5. The road to hell is wide and easy, and many go there. We should keep our children close to us and remember that these corporations are in it for money and to gain the hearts and minds of children.

    • Ann Malley says:

      “…these corporations are in it for money and to gain the hearts and minds of children.” Well said, Ciao. There is always some sort of gain involved, long and short term.

  6. Where are our Bishops ? Why don’t they have their staff compile a list of those companies who support immortal activities, and those TV shows that promote immoral activities?

    Oh, I forgot. They are too busy getting millions from the Federal Government for ILLEGAL immigrants to be concerned about immorality in the USA.

  7. brought to you by.... says:

    If companies refused to boycott all shows with these attributes, would there be any shows left on which to advertise ? On kid shows like cartoons ? If they advertised during cartoons, would people be upset because so much “junk food” was being peddled to the kids ? i.e. fast food, Mars (candy), Red Bull

  8. Anne T. says:

    There is hardly a company that is not tainted — including some telephone companies, banks, clothing stores, etc. In fact our very money is tainted. Some companies have been hurt by these boycotts, but often we our left with merchandise from foreign companies and a loss of jobs over here. It is almost a no win situation. There are lists on pro life websites of many companies involved but in order to get a full list one has to donate about forty dollars. I go for the companies that do the least damage morally and give jobs to Americans and friendly nations. That is all one can do..

    • Anne T. says:

      Please forgive all my typos, including “our” for “are”. I am tired and did not proof read very well.

  9. Done! I’ll boycott the big ones.

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