200 pro-life posters torn down at LMU

Pro-aborts didn't like the parallels made between abortion and illegal immigration

Pro-life poster at LMU (image from The College Fix)

Nearly 200 pro-life posters were taken down at a Catholic university by students who were reportedly upset the posters sought to highlight similarities between the issues of abortion and immigration.

The posters included the phrases “Don’t abort my fellow humans,” “#NoHumanBeingIsIllegal,” and “#AbortionIsAnImmigrationIssue.”

The Padre Pio Society, a Catholic student group at Loyola Marymount University, had displayed scores of the anti-abortion posters across the Los Angeles campus earlier this month only to find them all removed less than two days later.

Padre Pio Society members posted almost 200 posters around campus on the evening of Oct. 2. They were completely gone by the morning of Oct. 4, according to senior Delano Perera, president of the Padre Pio Society.

The Los Angeles Loyolan reported that one Loyola student said “we’ve been scrambling to take [the posters] down” in a comment on a Facebook photo of one of the posters.

The angst over this year’s posters apparently stems from their goal to “draw parallels” between the issues of abortion and illegal immigration. They had mimicked pro-immigration posters hung up on Loyola’s campus earlier this year by immigration activists.

The Padre Pio Society’s posters included the phrases “Don’t abort my fellow humans,” “#NoHumanBeingIsIllegal,” “#AbortionIsAnImmigrationIssue” as well as the image of a butterfly. The pro-immigration posters also included a butterfly, stating “Don’t deport my friends” and “#NoHumanBeingisIllegal.”

Perera said students “did not like that the posters were created to look like” the pro-immigration posters, but said the group used the similar design to highlight how the two issues are connected.

Dr. Christopher Kaczor (photo from LMU website)

“As Catholics, we believe that all lives are valuable and should be protected. They said that we were plagiarizing them, but the posters were meant to draw parallels between the two issues,” he said. “They wanted to take them down because they did not like the message and felt that they were doing the right thing in taking down something that they disagreed with.”

The design of the posters was the brainchild of the group’s faculty advisor, philosophy Professor Christopher Kaczor. Perera said his group wanted posters “that would provoke” those who happened upon them. He thought the design was pertinent because many students on the Jesuit campus are passionate about supporting immigration rights but fewer support the pro-life cause.

“I agree that no human is illegal and we wanted to show that you cannot say that no human being is illegal and turn your back on so many who are being killed in our own country,” he said.

The incident is not the first time the Padre Pio Society has had its posters vandalized. Pro-life posters put up last year by the group were also removed shortly after they went up, Perera said.

Full story at The College Fix.

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  1. The Watchman says:

    I commend the Padre Pio Society for putting up these posters throughout a Catholic university campus. These two issues are not the same. Abortion is far more worse than the illegal immigration issue. First of all the unborn are legal human citizens of this country and the world. With all due respect abortion is quite literally the murder of the unborn. Close to 60 Million unborn baby children have been slaughtered by abortion in America since it was legalized in 1973 by the Roe versus Wade. To put it into perspective more unborn have been killed by abortion than the total amount of people killed in World War 2. Pray America Pray! Pray Pray Pray!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I say if these students who took down the posters do not agree with the Church’s teaching o abortion……
    they SHOULD NOT be attending a Catholic University! There are plenty of other universities especially down i the area of LMU!
    And I think if they find these cowards they should expel them.

    • With apologies to St. Ignatius Loyola and all of the great Jesuits of the past, I don’t think anyone can honestly assert that any modern-day Jesuit college in America is truly Catholic.

    • Leroy Sheckelstein says:

      LMU is not a Catholic University, it’s a Jebbie institution of cultural marxist brainwashing. Why any decent Catholic parent would spend their hard earned money to send their kid there, is bewildering.

    • News flash: many of the Jesuits and professors and administrators at LMU do not agree with the Church’s doctrines. It is not a Catholic university in any meaningful sense.

  3. Isn’t vandalism a behavior considered as a little retarded for a college student?

  4. Alumni speak up for human life. ✊️

  5. Clinton R. says:

    We have to understand Loyola Marymount, like many other colleges & universities of this ilk, are not Catholic. They have long ago turned their backs on Christ and His Church. LMU, Nortre Dame, Boston College, Marquette, and so many others sponsor LGBTQIA groups that mock the Church’s teaching on marriage and encourage the practice of worshiping false religions. We can and should pray for Loyola Marymount to return to the Catholic faith, but we would be deceiving ourselves and others if we say they are a Catholic institution of higher learning.

  6. Did the Padre Pio Society place the posters in accordance with applicable University policy? I totally agree properly placed posters deserve respect, even if one disagrees with the content. I also believe groups should not place posters against governing policy. Otherwise, the place can easily look like an unkempt dump.

    • the very first lines of the story make clear that the posters were torn down by STUDENTS who disagreed with the content. so, even if your post makes a generally valid point, [a] it is completely irrelevant in this case and [b] in any case, posters placed in violation of governing policy should be removed by the university and not self-appointed student monitors.

    • If you click the link- the blue word “reported” in the 5th paragraph, you will get more info.
      Such as…”A faculty survey in 2014 revealed that “Conservative Catholics feel they are in an environment that is hostile to what they feel are true Catholic values.”
      I want to commend CCD for always placing links in the stories and giving links to the original content.

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