Famous Catholic commentator to speak at SF’s “Vocation Parish”

California Catholic Daily exclusive. On Thursday, July 27, the well-known author, columnist and television personality George Weigel will make a special appearance at Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco. Mr. Weigel, one of the best known lay figures in the English-speaking Catholic world, is in … [Read More...]

Could a California bill make Catholic conduct codes illegal?

Pro-abortion groups are lobbying for a California law that Catholic leaders warn would open employers like Catholic schools to lawsuits for asking teachers to follow their codes of conduct. “The bill unmistakably targets religious organization employers in the state, and goes further, inviting … [Read More...]

Vatican article says main obstacle for Pope Francis is bishops, priests

On the heels of one controversial Vatican article alleging an “ecumenism of hate” between conservative Evangelicals and Catholics in America, another potential eyebrow-raiser emerged Saturday claiming that the “main obstacle” to implementing Pope Francis’s vision is “closure, if not hostility” from … [Read More...]

Why they hate George Delgado and the abortion-reversal pill

The following comes from a July 21 story in the Weekly Standard. George Delgado, M.D. is a family-practice physician in San Diego, California. His credentials seem quite respectable: He’s a 1988 graduate of the University of California-Davis’s medical school, and he has admitting privileges at … [Read More...]

Christians didn’t start the war on religious liberty

The following comes from a July 18 story in Catholic Philly. History is full of great quotations that people never said. One of the best lines comes from Vladimir Lenin. He described Russian progressives, social democrats, and other fellow travelers as “useful idiots” – naïve allies in … [Read More...]

Two Cuban priests celebrate Mass for Ladies in White

The following comes from a July 20 story on Breitbart.com. Following 109 Sundays in which the Communist Cuban government had denied them entry to their local church, the Ladies in White dissident group received two Catholic priests to celebrate Mass in their headquarters on Monday. The two … [Read More...]

CA bishops like Jerry Brown’s cap and trade

The following comes from a July 21 release from the California Catholic Conference. The Legislature has officially recessed for the summer this week, but not before moving on a key piece of environmental legislation. On Monday, lawmakers gave a bi-partisan nod of approval to AB 398 (Garcia, … [Read More...]

How to keep your soul intact while investigating Planned Parenthood

Daleiden has committed a kind of blasphemy. The following comes from a July 19 posting on The Stream by John Zmirak. To listen to the Daleiden interview, click here and scroll down to David Daleiden. Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilege of stepping in for Eric Metaxas. I … [Read More...]

Archbishop Paglia says Pontifical Academy for Life will pursue more diverse agenda

The following comes from a July 19 story on the Catholic Culture website. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia explained the new strategic vision of the Pontifical Academy for Life in an interview with Austen Ivereigh for Crux. The Italian prelate brushed aside criticism that the Pontifical Academy has … [Read More...]

Riverside judge decries California state censorship

The following comes from a July 18 story in Pregnancy Help News. It’s been over a year and a half since clinic administrator Scott Scharpen filed a lawsuit challenging California’s so-called Reproductive FACT Act (also known as AB775), which is the state’s attempt to force pro-life medical … [Read More...]

Facebook blames glitch for pulling plug on Catholic pages

The following comes from an AP story published July 19 in USA Today. See July 18 story in California Catholic Daily. Facebook is blaming a technical glitch for knocking several Catholic-focused Facebook pages with millions of followers offline for more than a day. Catholic radio station … [Read More...]

Heaven and Hell are not places

The following comes from a July 18 story by Kimberly Porrazzo in the Orange County Catholic. It’s been hot outside. Some would say it’s been hot as hell. But how do we know hell is hot? And where, exactly, is hell anyway? I was curious what Fr. Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D., and executive director of … [Read More...]

More than 20 Catholic pages blocked from Facebook

The following comes from a July 18 story on the Catholic News Agency website. In the last 24 hours more than twenty Catholic pages, some with millions of followers, have been blocked by Facebook for unknown reasons. Of the known affected pages, 21 are based in Brazil, and four are … [Read More...]

Judge orders David Daleiden to pay $137K to abortionists

The following comes from a July 18 email from Life Legal Defense Foundation. Yesterday Judge William Orrick held David Daleiden, the Center for Medical Progress, and two of David’s criminal defense attorneys in civil contempt for violating a court order prohibiting the release of video footage … [Read More...]