Can you have a humble and holy Christmas and still have fun?

The following comes from a December 1 OC Catholic article by Meg Waters: One of the main reasons the Puritans separated from their Protestant churches and set sail for the New World was their objection to the materialism and general debauchery of the Christmas season. If 17th Century Europe was … [Read More...]

“We have uncovered alarming revelations about the fetal tissue industry”

The following comes from a December 2 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: Congress voted to double the budget of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, meaning the panel will continue investigating Planned Parenthood and the sale of aborted baby body parts through … [Read More...]

Hollywood puts the kibosh on Gosnell movie

The following comes from a November 30 Pregnancy Help News article by  Jay Hobbs: Hollywood may be too afraid to tell the truth about abortion, but the same doesn’t go for AlphaCare, a pro-life medical clinic set to relocate its services just a wall away from Gosnell’s former office this … [Read More...]

The end of Catholic marriage

The following comes from a December 1 New York Times opinion piece by Ross Douthat: From the beginning of the controversy surrounding Amoris Laetitia there has been a stress, from Cardinal Walter Kasper and then from others, on the idea that the reform proposed by the document is modest, limited, … [Read More...]

Over a thousand unclaimed dead buried in Los Angeles

The following comes from a December 1 LA Times article by Makeda Easter and Jon Schleuss: About 200 people streamed down a small hill in Boyle Heights on Wednesday to mourn more than 1,400 of Los Angeles County’s unclaimed dead. Each year the county buries the cremated remains of those left at … [Read More...]

USD will consider whether to become sanctuary campus

The following comes from a November 21 message to the USD campus community on immigration and DACA from president James Harris: Dear USD Campus Community: In recent weeks, we have witnessed an outpouring of support on our campus for our international students as well as those students who are … [Read More...]

ACLU sues over charities that care for immigrant minors but won’t offer abortions

The following comes from a November 30 Courthouse News article by Helen Christophi: SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union accusing the federal government of violating the U.S. Constitution by funding religious groups that care for … [Read More...]

Bishop McElroy calls for ‘widespread opposition’ to massive deportations

The following comes from a November 30 San Diego Union Tribune article by Kate Morrissey: American leadership in the Catholic church laid low during the presidential election but San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy is now making clear that if President-elect Donald Trump makes good on campaign promises … [Read More...]

San Diego bishop bans outspoken pro-life priest from writing bulletin columns

The following comes from a November 30 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy ordered a pastor to cease publishing columns in his church's weekly bulletin after the priest wrote in support of the Catholic Church's teaching on intrinsic evils and took strong … [Read More...]

Trump’s new HHS secretary: ‘There is nothing more fundamental to our humanity than to defend life’

The following comes from a November 29 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: President-elect Donald Trump has chosen pro-life, pro-marriage, anti-Obamacare Rep. Tom Price, R-GA, to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Trump announced early Tuesday. Price is an orthopedic surgeon … [Read More...]

Criminal charges filed against Fr. Linton

The following comes from a November 29 Christian Newswire news release: Last month, Father James Linton was arrested outside the San Bernardino Planned Parenthood for offering to pray with women entering the abortion facility. Police held him for six hours and cited him for interfering with and … [Read More...]

Some Catholics are ‘unnerved’ by current events in the Church, says Cardinal Pell

The following comes from a November 29 Catholic Herald article by Dan Hitchens: Cardinal George Pell has said that “a number of regularly worshipping Catholics” are “unnerved by the turn of events” in the Church. In a talk at St Patrick’s Church, London, Cardinal Pell said one cause for … [Read More...]

San Diego bishop to priests: Embrace ‘LGBT families’, give Communion to remarried

The following comes from a November 28 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy is calling on his city's priests to embrace "LGBT families," and to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion in certain cases. Following a much-hyped diocesan … [Read More...]

Scorsese’s “Silence” explores mystery of faith

The following comes from an Aleteia article by Matthew Becklo: Adapting Silence, a 1966 book about 17th century Jesuit missionaries, has been a passion project percolating in Martin Scorsese’s mind for decades. For a while, it looked like the film would never get done. But with the release of a … [Read More...]