Where priests get their clothes

Rev. Brendan Busse broke into a sweat the first time he shopped for a clerical shirt. He had nine years to go before he would become a priest, and the idea of wearing the black collar and white tab that would prompt strangers to call him “father” unnerved him. He recognized that those “clothes are … [Read More...]

Bringing virtue back to dating

The term “hookup culture” has entered the lexicon for just about anyone out in the dating world. That’s because hookups, which skip dating and forego the values of chastity and commitment, are so accepted that an advice book for young girls explains how to “be a lady” after a third-date … [Read More...]

In Orange diocese, more Catholics in jail than in parishes

At first glance, this question seems to be a no-brainer: Out of the Diocese of Orange’s 57 parishes and five Catholic Centers, which locale serves the greatest number of the county’s 1.3 million Catholics? That would be Christ Cathedral, right? Wrong. “The largest collective Catholic population in … [Read More...]

Orange County parish plans $10.5 million expansion

It’s a good problem to have—growth so miraculous that a parish is in need of expanded facilities. That’s the situation facing Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach.  Since 1961, OLQA has seen its congregation grow from 400 families to more than 4,500 today. To better serve its parish and school … [Read More...]

Speech by Fr. Greg Boyle draws protesters in Orange diocese

At the Catholic diocese of Orange Diocesan Ministries Celebration, the event's keynote speaker was Fr. Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit priest who dissents from Church teaching.  Faithful Catholics protesting Fr. Boyle's speech distributed flyers to attendees as they arrived early on Saturday morning at … [Read More...]

U.S. Department of Justice settles lawsuits over HHS contraceptive mandate

A week after issuing new religious freedom guidelines to all administrative agencies in the federal government, the U.S. Department of Justice has settled with more than 70 plaintiffs who had challenged the controversial HHS contraceptive mandate. The Oct. 13 agreement was reached between the … [Read More...]

Self-declared critic of Catholic Church gets post at Santa Clara

Comedian and CNN host W. Kamau Bell has been named the Frank Sinatra Chair in the Performing Arts at Santa Clara University for 2017-18. The Jesuit university’s website says, “Bell will mentor and engage with students, faculty, and the Santa Clara University community.” Bell is a self-declared … [Read More...]

Pro-life organization becomes target of vandalism, theft

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - One local pro-life organization was the recent target of vandalism and theft. The pro-life advocacy and education organization, Right to Life of Kern County, is picking up the pieces after their banners around town were found slashed, broken and a third … [Read More...]

Gov. Brown vetoes AB 569

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday vetoed legislation wading into the contentious debate over reproductive health rights and religious freedom in the workplace. Assembly Bill 569 would have prohibited employers from punishing workers who use birth control, get an abortion or make other reproductive health … [Read More...]

200 pro-life posters torn down at LMU

Nearly 200 pro-life posters were taken down at a Catholic university by students who were reportedly upset the posters sought to highlight similarities between the issues of abortion and immigration. The posters included the phrases “Don’t abort my fellow humans,” “#NoHumanBeingIsIllegal,” and … [Read More...]

Seven deadly sins still relevant today

The seven deadly sins are pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.   Taken together they contain all of the Bible’s principles, commandments and sins in condensed form, says Father Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., president of the Magis Center and the Spitzer Center.   Fr. Spitzer is … [Read More...]

Sex-change surgery regrets on the rise

A world-leading genital reconstruction surgeon is alarmed by the increase in his patients seeking reversals of so-called "gender reassignment surgery." According to a report in The Telegraph, Professor Miroslav Djordjevic has seen a high number of "transgender" people who have undergone sex-change … [Read More...]

Interfaith prayer service Oct. 18 in Orange diocese

The Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs is holding its annual Ecumenical Prayer Service for Christian Unity on Oct. 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the Arboretum on the campus of Christ Cathedral. The event, normally scheduled in mid-January during Christian Unity Week, is this year set to coincide … [Read More...]

The day the sun danced

The day of October 13, one hundred years ago, will always be remembered as the day the sun danced and how that miracle led many to believe in the Marian apparitions at Fatima.   In 1917, Europe and most of the world were still intensely involved in the Great War that had been raging since 1914. The … [Read More...]